While we count down to Christmas or the holidays in general (or seeing if the Mayans were right, natch), let's take some more questions from our beloved readers. Thanks to all who submitted.

Don't forget, you can take part in the fun as well! Send your questions to @primagames and @thedcd on Twitter and we'll answer them to our best capacity. Be creative and funny – that usually gets our attention.

And now, the questions!

Will Agent be announced at the VGS show? - @imd1974

Your guess is as good as ours, and the game has been delayed an awful lot of times, but, hey, it'd be great if Sony actually decided to release it. While we're at it, we're really hopeful for Star Wars Battlefront III. It is just about finished, after all…

Would Prima Games gain more consumers and buyers of their guides if they added a little section of the art from the game?- @Pushaman55

Well, the guides that are out there do feature a fairly good art style that's true to the game, and, as you may know, various special editions of games already include art books that you can glance over, to see what concepts the development team had in mind. Still, a novel idea for the staff to ponder over…

Do you like what Sega is doing by making all their classic games "HD versions now? Or is it whatever?

It really depends on the game. Some look fantastic, like Jet Set Radio HD, while others can't really hide their age – like Fighting Vipers. But, honestly, it's more of an upswing in quality than a failure, and, for that matter, we'd love to see what they can do with some Panzer Dragoon HD transfers. ESPECIALLY Saga. Bring it, Sega!

What do you think of the quote on the Far Cry 3 box art saying "Like Skyrim with guns?" @evilteddy03

A little far-fetched, but Machinima isn't that far off with the quote. You can literally cover miles in this game and, yep, pick up a crapload of guns to pick off bad guys with. But, honestly, it is its own beast, and we highly recommend checking it out when it arrives this Tuesday.

What is your favorite antagonist from any video game?- @liljrSanchez

There are way too many out there to name just one, but here's the short list – Raul Menendez, Dr. Robotnik, Wario, Bowser, Jaws (from the Bond games), Ares (from God of War) and the Piggies from the Angry Birds games. They're genuine pains in the asses.

What should we expect from the Watchdogs from Ubisoft?- @pixolator

Nothing short of awesome. Wait'll you see what they have to unveil next year…

What's your thoughts on the random box art for Bioshock Infinite. Would you prefer Songbird or something else?

Songbird OR Elizabeth. Seriously, Booker just looks like he's pulling a Nathan Drake. Variety, people! (At least the game will be awesome.)

Never had gone all the way to the last prestige level. What's best way to keep leveling up?

Um, keep playing multiplayer? Yeah, that's the ticket!

If you could be in Saints Row the Third, what will be your role and how would act? I can imagine you in a gimp suit lol.

Thanks? I'd say I'd be more like Zimos, with a weird-ass voice and a total pimp style. HEEHEEHEE.

How many times have you killed @ConanObrien in Halo4?- @HYP3HYP3

327. No, wait, that last time didn't count because Andy Richter wounded him first. 326. Thanks!

Does smoking weed while playing Far Cry 3 improve the overall experience?

Nah, because you'll just stand around being dazed while a tiger mauls you. Play it straight.

Do you think Red Bull should've made another game after performance of their last one?

Crashed Ice isn't really that hot. They should stick with energy drinks. I hear they give you wings.

Thanks for the questions, guys. See you next time on the Mailbag!