We've seen a lot go down in the Arkhamverse as of late, but Mr. Freeze has been surprisingly absent from the latest story in the series, Arkham Origins. That'll change in April, though, as WB Games will soon release the latest DLC for the game.

In Cold, Cold Heart, players will get to play through a new mini-chapter of the game that focuses on Mr. Freeze, with a number of new in-game missions to go along with the side story. 

Along with that, Batman will also have access to a variety of new gadgets, including the XC, which performs under "extreme conditions." He'll need to use these to full effect against Freeze's crew.

The DLC will release on April 22nd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The teaser trailer for Cold, Cold Heart is available below in the latest episode of DC All Access. (Relax, it's not the Batman and Robin footage like last time.)