Harley Quinn has gone through an awful lot in Batman's latest adventure through Arkham City.  We won't spoil it, but yeah, she wants revenge and, later this month on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, she’s finally going to get it.

Officially confirmed yesterday during a GameTrailers TV segment, Harley Quinn’s Revenge is the latest – and possibly last – piece of downloadable content for the epic superhero game. In it, you’ll fight your way through two additional hours of gameplay where players will switch through both Batman and Robin as they use their combat and investigative skills to find out what Harley’s up to, trying to stop her while shutting down Arkham City for good.  New environments will be introduced through the add-on, along with many more of Harley’s thugs to contend with.

The DLC is set for release later this month and should be priced around $6.99 (560 Microsoft points).  If you’re a fan of the game (and you should be if you aren’t already) this is well worth purchasing.