Subatomic Studios, the makers of the hit original game, has announced that the long-awaited sequel is finally available for the iPhone/iPad, and an upgraded HD version will be released for the newer iPad models within the next few months. This brings a whole new level of strategy to players who believe they mastered the first game, with an array of new toys and maps to play with. And all for $2.99 – a bargain!


Fieldrunners 2 has a lot more depth than the original did, and offers 25 levels, 30 enemy types, 25 weapons and multi-storied environments, so you literally get some depth with your in-game combat. What’s more, you’ll also be able to try out several new map types, including Sudden Death, Hybrid and Puzzle, so you’ll always stay on your toes with your army.


If you’re a mobile gamer looking for his or her next big addiction, we believe we may have found it with Fieldrunners 2. Hit the link below and download the game to your heart’s content, and we’ll see you in a few days. Or weeks.


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