We’ve been given a few tiny scraps of information on the soundtrack release set to accompany Metal Gear Solid 4 today, something you might like to know about if you’ve pre-ordered the Special Edition package.

Japan will get an unbundled release of the soundtrack today, it comes on a 47 track CD and features an appropriately moody pic of Snake on the cover drawn by the series’ long-time artist and character designer Yoji Shinkawa.

The tracks were composed by Nobuko Toda and Gregson-Williams, and, as Eurogamer suggested [link]; don’t read the soundtrack listings if you aren’t after spoilers, as with the previous games’ OSTs there were some massive ones.

We imagine this is the same thing you’ll get if you’ve ordered the $84.99 Limited Edition of the game, with which you’ll also receive a six-inch figurine along with a “Making Of” Blu-Ray disk.

If you want the soundtrack on its own, its currently 3045 Yen on import.

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