New footage of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been released today.

The footage sees smokey old timer Solid Snake journeying through a Middle Eastern town, making use of his active camo, at one point disguising himself as a statue before jumping out to the bewildered shock of enemies.

The big man himself, Hideo Kojima, showed the game off in Tokyo last week at a special event meant to mark the 20th Anniversary of Metal Gear series.

New multiplayer title Metal Gear Online was also unveiled, which is to be released exclusively on the PS3. Kojima Productions chose to develop the game as they felt their multiplayer PS2 effort, MGS3: Subsistence, was so popular. It’ll be possible for up to 16 players to play at once in a variety of different game modes.

There’s to be a closed beta come 20th August, when 3000 players will get a sneaky go before the official release, though we don’t know if this’ll just be a Japan exclusive.

Take a look at the MGS4 game hub for screenshots, and Kojima’s new playthrough demonstration of the upcoming sneak-em-up.