Konami have added new mode “Sneaking Mission” and new map “Midtown Maelstrom”, based on a main-game section to Metal Gear Online’s beta test.

Metal Gear Online, though a separate entity to MGS4, will be free to play, though there are to be downloadable add-ons to buy, consisting of "maps, weapons, skills, and much more" at a later date.

Sneaking Mission puts the player in control of Solid Snake on a mission to collect dog tags, which you’ll need to acquire by holding up players form blue and red teams. Players on the teams are tasked to put an end to the Snake or their opposing team.

"If more than 10 people are in the game, another player may play as Snake's mini robotic sidekick Mk. II, to assist the Snake player," Konami explained. "If you are playing as Snake, you have many of his incredible abilities available to you - such as the camouflage!"

On Midtown Maelstrom Konami have said "This is a part of the Middle East stage in MGS4. This consists of some main streets and alternate routes. Numerous alleys are in between buildings, and are dark, narrow, and very confusing."

For information, a few pictures and updates, community forums and microphone support etc. have a look at the official update on the PlayStation Blog.

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