Hideo Kojima has been talking about his intentions to show off gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid 4 at Games Convention in Lepzig this month.

Apparently Kojima will be playing another trailer, informing us of “key plot points”, and revealing "exciting news about forthcoming Metal Gear projects from Kojima Productions", Konami stated.

"When I last came to Leipzig, I promised fans of Metal Gear Solid they would be able to see a playable version of MGS4 - and, to celebrate the special nature of the occasion, I can confirm, that I will bring a special guest with me," a press release from Kojima said.

"I love the enthusiasm European games players constantly show towards our titles, and look forward to showing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the most important European gaming event of the year."

Check the PlayStation Network for a 15-minute hands-on demo of the game captured at Metal Gear’s 20th birthday party, an event Kojima hosted in Tokyo last month.

MGS4 is to be released sometime early 2008.