During the his keynote speech, Hideo Kojima pretty much confirmed that the next Metal Gear Solid game is on the way.

Kojima discussed various “missions” during the production of the Metal Gear series over the years, with his final point being on his upcoming mission: “The Next MGS”.

Apparently Kojima will be approaching this game with a mix Japanese and Western development philosophies. He went on to explain that his approach in the past has been largely design-based; a typically Japanese method. Kojima feels the West has taken a more software-led approach, with the (relatively) recent surge in popularity of open-world games.

Kojima requested that audiences challenge his “old-style” method by taking a wander over to their stall at the conference and applying for work with them. Yes, they were actually hiring at the show.

This may not have been the kind of big, formal announcement that some may have wanted for the next Metal Gear Solid but it’s still significant despite the understated reaction from those present.

We’ll let you know next time Kojima lets slip of anything of Geary, just keep checking back to the site.