Metal Gear Online is getting an add-on named SCENE, set to be released on March 17th for $9.99, Konami have announced.

The pack adds playable characters 1Vamp and Raiden plus new maps, of which there are three, a Solo Capture mode and a bunch of accessories.

If you pre-order the expansion before 10th March then you’ll receive an exclusive Cardboard Box Man bit of headgear. This headgear is, as fans may have guessed, the kind of cardboard box Snake would normally hide in, but a bit smaller and made for your character’s head.

Raiden will be packing his High Frequency Blade, which can be used to kill or stun, along with a set of throwing knives, which can be hurled into peoples’ heads, nice. He’s also the proud purveyor of some crazy superhuman jumping abilities, meaning he takes no fall damage.

Raiden’s VISOR allows him to detect traps and his lack of nano-machines lets him use SOP Link, SOP Destabiliser and SOP system information gathering.

Vamp, however, does have nano-machines so can have SOP technology used against him, but he’s a whiz with hand-to hand, has throwing knives (which will allow headshots), and is immortal, which lets him respawn where he dies.

Regarding the new maps; there’s Outer Outlet (an industrial wasteland, which features above and below-ground areas for long-range attacks), Hazard House (a three-story building excellent for CQC) and Ravaged Riverfront Clock Tower (complete with underground and underwater bits).

Solo Capture, the new game mode, tasks a single player with holding a hostage for a certain length of time while the rest of the players try to free them.

There are also a few fun bonuses such as a bikini, clown suit, wig, hockey mask and Robbie’s hat from Silent Hill

If you’d like to see more then check out the trailer on the PlayStation Network.

There are a bunch of other add-ons that have had their prices dropped significantly which will be able to be purchased with the PSN wallet from the middle of the month.