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You Can Pet the Dog In Luigi’s Mansion 3

by Liana Ruppert

We all want to be the good boys just doin’ their best in games. With Luigi’s Mansion 3 now available on the Nintendo Switch just in time for Halloween, there’s one very important detail we need to address: can we pet the dog in Luigi’s adventure? 

Can you pet the dog in Luigi’s Mansion 3? 

Good news, yes – yes you can! 

The Twitter account “Can You Pet the Dog” is exactly what it sounds like — gathering intel on all of the best games out there to catalog which adventures have that canine action we truly crave. Throwdown your guns, fellas, cause there are puppers that need your attention! Most importantly you can do so in Luigi’s Mansion 3!

The Polterpup pops up in the opening scene when the group arrives at the hotel. So yes, please give this good boy all the pets. 

What do you think about this god’s gift to the Internet in the form of Luigi’s Mansion 3? What are some of your favorite canine pals from the world of video games? Join in on the conversation to gush about dogs and other adorable animals with me over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! I will never say no to adorable puppy GIFs – never ever. 

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