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What Your Lightsaber Color Says About You in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Reflect Cal in his color.

Everyone has a favorite color when it comes to lightsabers, but it’s not just the color of the crystal that matters. Before you go off an pick a color for yourself in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it’s important to understand what each of the colors means and what they could say about your own version of Cal Kestis.

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The colors are purely cosmetic in the new game, so you don’t have to worry about the colors changing anything in the gameplay. That still won’t stop me from staying true to the lightsaber color meanings when I choose my own color. Well, at least sometimes. We’ll go over all the canon color meanings so you can play the Cal that stays true to you as well.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – What Your Lightsaber Color Says About You

By default, there are nine different lightsaber colors that you can choose from when customizing your lightsaber. There are two that have no known mention in the canon Star Wars universe, and those include Indigo and Magenta. However, the other seven are fair game and all have different meanings. Are you wise and brave? Are you strong-willed and angry? Or are you a bit of both? Here is what they all mean.

Blue Lightsaber

Blue – This is the most popular color for the Jedi. Most Jedi Knights wield a blue saber and it signifies strength, bravery, and everything in between. Anything you would associate with chivalry can also be attributed to the blue saber, and blue signifies the warriors of the order.

Green Lightsaber

Up next to blue, the green sabers are the second most popular. Green is typically associated with older and wiser Jedi. They are typically more spiritual and have more of an affinity for the Force itself. That’s not always the case, but it’s what green us usually associated with.

Yellow Lightsaber

The third known color for the Jedi order is yellow. Temple guards are usually the only ones that wield yellow, but others have used the color as well. Rey is now associated most with the color. At this point, yellow is still open-ended, but it represents justice and strength to many.

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Purple Lightsaber

We all know purple as the color used by Mace Windu, and the origins of the color aside, most associate purple with a mix of light and dark. Windu was known for his aggression in combat and his ability to throw the dark side back at his enemies. Purple is a balance between both light and dark, and it remains one of the most rare.

Cyan Lightsaber

Another open-ended color, cyan is just a very light blue. Only one Jedi has been seen with this color in Canon, and that is Tera Sinube. He wields a cane saber and is known for his wisdom like Master Yoda. Calmness and peace have also been associated with the cyan color in Star Wars.

Orange Lightsaber

This color is tough to pin down because we’ve never seen it used in a canon story unless you count Fallen Order. However, that’s about to change with the upcoming Ahsoka show. The villains in the upcoming show wield orange sabers, and Series Creator Dave Filoni confirmed that the color was slightly more orange than the classic red. They will likely have complicated morals, and that can reflect in orange in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as well. Essentially, it’s the more evil version of purple.

White Lightsaber

We’ve only really seen Ahsoka wield white, and it’s associated with someone who is a true master of the light side of the Force. To get a white color, a Force user must essentially free a red crystal from its torture, which creates the neutral color. Wield the white to show Cal is a true master of the Force.

Red Lightsaber (Bonus)

You won’t have this available for Cal Kestis until much later in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but most of us know what this means. These crystals represent anger, aggression, and the dark side. In fact, dark-side users must make their crystal bleed in order to get the red effect. A lot happens to Cal in the latest story, so I won’t hold it against you if you choose to throw on a little bit of red.

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Keep in mind that all of these colors reflect the will and the spirit of the lightsaber user themselves. When Jedi train, or create a new saber, they need to have a Kyber Crystal of their own that reflects their values. You even see this when Cal builds his own saber on Ilum in Fallen Order. The crystal calls to him, and then the color reflects who he is.

At the end of the day, the colors are just for show in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can run around with Magenta and start tearing apart the Empire if you really want to. But if you want to take Cal a step above as a Jedi, now you know what the colors mean.

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