Watch The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Build a PC Seductively, Hubba Hubba

You know this is the content you want to see, don't lie.

Henry Cavill. Building a PC. All sexy-like. You’re welcome. Don’t lie, you know this is the content you want to see and you know what? We here at Prima are a bunch of givers, so here you go, you thirsty animals (it’s us, we’re thirsty animals). 

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The Witcher actor took to his Instagram with a deliberately sexy (hi) video with innuendo lacing each word of himself building a new PC. “AllNightLong” hashtags aside, the video is actually quite helpful for those looking to build their own setup, but let’s be real – that’s not why we’re watching. 

Porn music, check. Slow-moving product removal, check. Fully clothed? Sadly … check. Too made the dude went AMD, but we forgive him for this small misstep (kidding). But seriously, Cavill is a gem and we love him and his geeky nerdom glory. And also for this past video where he talked about his very big sword. 

Though The Witcher season 2 was postponed due to COVID-19, production has begun ramping up once more with showrunner Lauren Hissrich back on location. The first season of the show adapting the books that inspired a beloved game series took the community by storm, despite concerns. The second season promises to correct the few critiques the first run of episodes have, with some extra surprises on the way as well. 

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For those that have yet to check out The Witcher Netflix series season one and want to watch to understand all of the seemingly weird memes out there surrounding the “Hmm” show? Then make sure to check it out on Netflix now! With many still in restricted zones do to COVID, it’s the perfect time to binge!

Weirdly turned on about a PC building video? Excited for season 2 of The Witcher? What were your thoughts on how the first season handled the book source material? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames! Don’t forget to also toss a coin to your journalist by checking out our full The Witcher hub right here!

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