CD Projekt RED Confirms They Will Revisit The Witcher After Cyberpunk 2077

A Ciri game, perhaps? We're hoping!

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of the year and it’s no surprise given the wild success the team has seen from adapting the now-iconic The Witcher franchise. With Cyberpunk 2077 being such a massive endeavor with its open-world and layers, it makes sense that the studio would focus solely on this main project but for those hoping for more witcher goodness, RED has confirmed that they are planning on revisiting The Witcher series as a whole for a brand new adventure. 

Adam Kicinski, CD Projekt RED’s president, recently sat down to speak with a group of journalists for the Polish site Stooq (via CCN) and it was there that they talked about working on a new single-player game following Cyberpunk 2077. While some of the studio’s resources will be still tied to the cyberpunk experience to help with the multiplayer, a large portion of the studio’s development departments will be working towards “another large singleplayer game.”

Now before you get too excited, the studio has already clarified that this won’t be The Witcher 4, meaning the immediate future for this particular franchise will be a spin-off. They already dipped into this territory with Thronebreaker, which was very different mechanically but received numerous perfect scores across the board, which makes it exciting to learn more about what could be next down the CD Projekt RED pipeline. 

Personally, Ciri was massively intriguing both in the third game and in the TV show that works as a prequel since it was more rooted in the books themselves. To see a story centering around her journey would be incredible, but there’s definitely more than enough source material in both the games and the books that provide unlimited potential for future storylines. 

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