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Watch Dogs – Missing Persons Investigations – Darkness Looms Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

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Watch Dogs has some of the most in-depth side missions of any game currently on the market. So much so, that we fell behind on the campaign while focusing on ctOS Towers, Burner Phones and even the QR Codes found throughout Chicago. It’s nothing to worry about. Before we could bring the killer to justice, we were forced to catch up on a few missions. That said, we’ll help you stop the dreaded Finger Paint Killer.

Before You Begin

There are a total of six Missing Persons Investigations, the first of which is unlocked after completing Act 1 – Backstage Pass, or when you stumble across your first body. The locations of the six bodies should show up on your map as small magnifying glasses. If they don’t, you either need to unlock the remaining ctOS Towers to reveal them, or you hit the bug that temporarily threw us off the Finger Paint Killer’s tracks.

In our case, only four of the six icons were showing up, with the two bodies located in Pawnee not displaying on the map. Although we’re not completely sure, this might be due to the fact that at that point, we hadn’t finished Act 3 – Hope is a Sad Thing. Either way, you don’t have to worry about that. We not only have instructions on the location of each corpse, we also have some handy map images that will show you exactly where they are tucked away.

One important item of note: It doesn’t matter what order you find the bodies in. The Audio Logs will play in chronological order regardless.

Lastly, even after you discover all six bodies and Audio Logs, you must complete Hope is a Sad Thing for the bonus mission to unlock. When the bonus mission is complete, expect the Darkness Looms trophy to unlock if you’re on the PlayStation, or the achievement of the same name if you’re on the PC or Xbox.

Missing Person 01 – Brandon Docks – Chelsea Armstrong


You need to be on the south side of the bridge to find Chelsea’s body. Head towards the water and notice a back area tucked away underneath. When you climb up, you’ll find the Audio Log and discarded corpse.

Missing Person 02 – The Loop – Debora Ingram


If you’re following along with us, grab a boat from the water and head out to a small island off the east coast of the map. When you get there, you’ll find the body in a utility shed on the northeast side of the island. Don’t forget the Audio Log.

Missing Person 03 – Brandon Docks – Claudette Rousseau


Take your boat towards the south side of Brandon Docks. You can head into one of the nearby canals to the north and south of where the body is located. When you arrive, the corpse and Audio Log can be found on the second floor of a burned out factory. It’s kind of strange that so many people are hanging around and nobody else found Ms. Rousseau.

Missing Person 04 – Parker Square – Kate Quigley


If you unlocked the ctOS Tower in the north part of Parker Square, use your Fast Travel to reach your hideout to the south of the body. Find a nearby vehicle and follow the tracks to the north until there is a blocked off tunnel. Head inside to find Kate and another creepy Audio Log from the killer.

Missing Person 05 – Pawnee – Alicia Freidkin


To get into the right ballpark, head to the northwest end of Pawnee. You’ll find the body hidden inside a train car, along with the Audio Log nearby. One thing is certain, our upcoming encounter with the Finger Paint Killer won’t result in an apprehension. More along the lines of an execution.

Missing Person 06 – Pawnee – Annie Nelson


Annie is located just off a dirt road, not too far east of the trailer park. A dirt bike makes getting to her a bit easier. You’ll find her locked in a cage, inside a shack that’s off the road a short ways. Once you’ve found her and the Audio Log, it’s time to put an end to these killings.

Crie for Your Daughter – Eliminate the Finger Paint Killer


After following a disturbing trail of breadcrumbs, it’s finally time to track down and take out the Finger Paint Killer. Head to the trailer park and run into the mission start point. Once it begins, take your phone out and head towards the empty swimming pool. From a distance, you should be able to spot your target standing along the east fence near the pool. Go all the way around and approach from the east, staying behind the trailer while the killer stalks his prey.

Tip: Do not engage the killer until his profile turns red and tells you to intervene. If you confront him too early you’ll fail this portion of the mission and have to complete it again. We speak from experience.

From behind the trailer, use your phone to profile the killer and discover his name is Edgar Noone. Does anyone else think that his last name might be a clever play on words from Ubisoft Montreal? Once your profile changes to red and instructs you to intervene, jump out and take Edgar down. You can definitely take him out with some baton-to-hand combat, but we opted to put a few bullets in him. We’ve killed people for a lot less. In fact, when we were trying to take Edgar down, one of our stray bullets might have clipped the victim. By clipped we mean killed. Oops.

When it’s all done, approach Edgar’s body and hack his phone. You’ll notice that you’ve now unlocked a Chrome pistol, as well as the Darkness Looms trophy and achievement of the same name.

If you’re still looking for a little guidance, or just want to see us kill someone while trying to stop a murderer, check out the embedded video below.