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Valorant Needs a “Stay As a Team” Option In Competitive

by Liana Ruppert

Valorant crashed onto the scene from Riot Games and instantly drew comparisons from games like Overwatch and CS:GO but one feature that those other games have that Valorant doesn’t is a Stay as a Team option. There are so many reasons why this would be a smart move for Riot, so buckle in because this is why Valorant needs a Stay as a Team option, especially in the game’s Competitive Mode. 

Why Valorant needs a ‘Stay as a Team’ option 

As is the nature of online games, there are just bad players. Whether they are considered “bad” due to skill, lack of communication, going AFK, using bots, or whathaveyou, oftentimes online players will run into the worst of the worst when it comes to matchmaking. It’s because of that bad luck that when players come across a good player, good in skill, in communication, staying present, and adapts well to a match’s turn, that a desire to stay grouped with that dynamic is often high. Sure, you can friend them, but taking a page from Overwatch, a Stay as a Team option would be the ultimate assist when preserving team comp integrity. 

Overwatch didn’t always have this option, but when it added it – this feature was a huge success. The match goes well, everyone got along, everyone stayed focused on the objective, and the round was good – let’s stay together! This is even more so important for the game’s Competitive mode and pro-worthy goals. People that play Competitive means to win, it’s not just a game at that point; it’s a goal. Adding the Stay as a Team option to competitive ensures that players can stay grouped with other players that harness similar goals and also helps eliminate the chance of getting stuck with trolls that just want to throw the match. 

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Valorant is still very much a work in progress, with changes being made constantly to make it even better based on player feedback. 

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