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Everything We Know About Valorant Hypebeast Skins

by Nicholas Barth

One exciting aspect of Valorant that has drawn the attention of players is the variety of skins that players can get for the different weapons in the first-person shooter. Riot Games has already added a plethora of cosmetic items to the closed beta of the title. There are sure to be plenty more kinds of these cosmetics ready to be added to Valorant in the future, which was made clear when the Hypebeast skins bundle was leaked. Now, plenty of players are anxiously waiting to see when these Hypebeast skins are added to the game. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about this particular bundle covered for you. 

Valorant Hypebeast Skins

These Hypebeast skins are not currently available in the tactical shooter and have not been made available in the past for the title’s closed beta. However, the community was made aware of their existence when community member Santa Ricky leaked the Hypebeast items for Valorant through a massive data mining effort. You can see what these cosmetic items look like in the image below:

 Valorant Hypebeast Skins

The official price for this bundle is not known. Past bundles for Valorant have cost 4,375 pieces of currency, so it is highly likely that the Hypebeast skins bundle will cost a similar amount for those who are wanting to add it to their collections. One of the most exciting aspects of this bundle is that it includes an ax. This would be the first time that a melee weapon other than a knife has been made available for players to use when playing. This is likely the reason why Riot Games has classified the knives as “melee” weapons instead of only saying knives meaning the community could see other kinds of melee weapons in the future in addition to the ax in the Hypebeast skins bundle. 

We will update this piece with any information regarding when the Hypebeast skins are added to Valorant when it is made available. There is a possibility that the Hypebeast skins will not be made available during the closed beta of the game and will put in the title’s in-game store following its official launch in Summer 2020. 

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be excited to show off the sleek purple, gold, and black color scheme of the Hypebeast skins when they are playing and collecting their best highlights. I would argue that these are the very best cosmetic items that Riot Games has created for Valorant so far and will be a massive hit in the community. 

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