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There is a Destiny 2 Cookbook For Some Reason, And We Want It

by Liana Ruppert

Destiny 2 has some delicious looking emotes (looking at you, spicy ramen), so naturally, the next step was to create an official Destiny 2 cookbook. While we’re not quite sure coleslaw is the meal of the future we were envisioning, we still really want this anyway despite literally none of us knowing how to cook. 

The hardcover cooking experience comes on on July 21 and features some truly inspiring hits. Like coleslaw. And some green stuff. But nothing truly compares to one fan’s hilarious take on the cooking misadventures, because who wouldn’t want that weapon made entirely out of bread? If you so you, you’re lying and Shaxx is now very disappointed in you.

The Spicy Ramen recipe is in there, don’t you worry that Light-driven head of yours. They made an entire emoji out of it and a merch line, there was no way they were going to miss this opportunity over at Bungie. Still. We’re with our pals over at PC Gamer, we can’t get over the coleslaw highlight because … I mean, why? 


According to the book’s description, “Eva Levante has traveled around the world after the events of the Red War, gathering a variety of recipes after crossing paths with many Guardians along the way and learning from their adventures. Craft, mouthwatering food from her diverse list of recipes inspired by the game’s unique world, plus step-by-step instructions and full-color photos, help guide and inspire fans to go on their own culinary adventure through the solar system.”

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So whether you’re team Warlock or wrong, there’s a recipe for everyone. Hunting down Vex is hungry work, don’t you know. 

There are also quite a few cheese-based recipes, so we know Alistair is proud, but what other recipes are you hoping to see in the Destiny 2 cookbook? Sound off with your weirdest desires over on Twitter @PrimaGames, Guardian. 

H/T PC Gamer


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