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The Magical Cats of Forspoken Ranked Worst to Furst

Which one is your favorite?

by Jesse Vitelli

Forspoken has received a lot of flak for its dialogue, combat, and other features. However, here at Prima we are here to talk about the actual best part of Forspoken: the twenty magical cats you can collect around the world of Athia. We’re here to do the challenging work and not only show you the cats, but rank them to help you know which are the cutest cats available in Forspoken.

The Magical Cats of Forspoken Ranked Worst to Furst

Our criteria for ranking is based on design and how often these cats made us go “aww” when seeing them around Forspoken’s safe houses. This list has been vetted and is objectively the truth; we promise.

20. Sigrun

Sigrun looks tired, like she’s been through a rough patch. Some might find that cute, but in the world of magical cats Sigrun ranks the lowest.

19. Eldie

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Eldie, but he’s just a little boring-looking; the horns are a nice touch but otherwise, he’s just a cat.

18. Constantia

Constantia’s white fur shines, but her description states, “often entrusted with Sila’s most private correspondence.” And we love someone who can spill the tea, not keep it hidden.

17. Chini

Chini’s design doesn’t flow; the dark brown fur against the bright yellow butterfly wings clashes, and we can’t have that with our magical cats. Even if Chini is not good at her job, like most cats.

16. Kennah

Kennah’s grey design is cute, especially with the piercing green eyes. But otherwise, it’s pretty plain. The reason Kennah makes it higher on this list than some is because of the incident when she napped with an entire classroom of children, and that’s just cute.

15. Clere

Clere’s purple and blue coat is nice, but Clere is an authority figure, and we can’t have that here.

14. Gregoire

We have another case of a cat collecting information and snitching on the people of Athia, and we can’t have that. Sorry, Greg.

13. Leite

Leite is a cutie, and the green fur and blue horns do him wonders. He even got lost chasing an insect, and we love that for this king.

12. Kalpana

Kalpana’s bright pink coat and absolutely adorable demeanor are chef’s kiss. Honestly, she could rank higher if there weren’t so many other hard hitters coming up.

11. Saglan

Saglan’s cute, but what really does it for us is that he tried to be a judge in a time of need and was so bad at it that he was never allowed in the courtroom again.

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10. Zestion

Zestion is just a little guy who loves to climb. After being given access to the library, instead of reading he simply climbed up and got stuck. A king who never learns his lesson.

9. Esha

Esha’s beautiful white fur and pink paws put her high up on the list. She also runs an infirmary, and that’s just adorable.

8. Bodhi

Bodhi is the green thumb of the group. His dark blue and pink wings and grey and white fur make him a certified cutie.

7. Advik

A baby blue coat and yellow nose make Advik an easy contender for the top ten. He also plays the harp; how can you not love a musician?

6. Sana

Sana has the coolest pattern on her head. A midnight blue and orange fur design makes her one of our favorites.

5. Ledat

Ledat has one of the most complex fur patterns of all of the cats in Forspoken. This purple and bluish-grey hue complement each other nicely. He is even so cute that when captured by the enemy, they didn’t take him hostage.

4. Mia

Mia was the first cat we came across in Forspoken, and she has a special place in our hearts.

3. Rinat

Rinat is regal in design. Her gold cuffs and horn provide a sense of royalty.

2. Aramak

The dual-colored eyes, perfect black fur, and ability to sniff out a crime scene make her number two.

1. Ziti

How do you not rank a perfectly yellow cat named Ziti number one? We’re not monsters.

Those are all of the magical cats in Forspoken ranked worst to furst. We nailed the list so there is no need to tell us how great we are. If you’re looking for more Forspoken coverage, check out our full game review.

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