The Finals: Open Beta Was a Great Success and the Players Want More

The Finals Open Beta is now closed and the players want Embark to hurry back!

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Embark Studios confirmed Monday morning that they had officially closed the open beta to reach The Finals. With the news of the beta ending came the impressive numbers they’ve achieved during the testing period.

The Finals Open Beta Was a Great Success

From October 26 to November 5, Embark Studios kicked off their first crossplay open beta for The Finals. The crossplay open beta consisted of PC players, PlayStation 5 players, and Xbox Series players.

Following the shutdown on Monday, Embark affirmed that a monumental 7.5 million players logged into the arena and joined in on the fun. The only downside to this news is that The Finals’ servers will be down until further notice. They will be working on contestants’ feedback and trying to evolve what seems to be the next best thing coming in the FPS multiplayer genre.

Embark Posted on X:

“The Open Beta has come to an end! 

“An unforgettable week for us — a whopping 7.5 MILLION contestants entered the arena! Now it’s time for us to hunker down and get back to work on all the fixes and improvements you helped us identify. GG and until next time!”

Via: @reachthefinals

Some Player Reactions to The Finals

Despite the news being a downer, the players who joined during the crossplay open beta week and prior were more than happy with their respective experiences. Honestly speaking, they were left wanting more.

Below are some of the best reactions from The Finals players:

Here, one player enjoyed the beta so much that they tolerated the announcers, who, let’s face it, said the same three things all the time. Another player, reading all the posts on X, now wants it to be available on their preferred portal after seeing all of the positive feedback. His point as to why is a solid one, though. The more online stores it appears on, the more players they will record.

This player, despite having a problem with the RPGs and the flamethrowers, still had some “super fun.” This proves the work is far from done, but there is a lot to enjoy about The Finals already.

As we can tell from the next player, old or new, seasoned gamer or new to FPS, fun will be had when competing in The Finals. The next post also displays that if you lost your love for multiplayer FPS, The Finals could help restore your love for them.

The following two posts taken from X show just how much fun was had. It was so much fun playing; they just wanted more and more of The Finals.

Unfortunately, there is no news on when or if The Finals will reopen the arena for another open beta or when the official launch date is. For now, players will have to swap to either Fortnite, COD, or some other FPS to feed their hunger.

They must also be patient and happy that Embark Studios is returning with The Finals. Judging by the public outcry for more, the return of The Finals shouldn’t be too long from now.

Predicting what’s next: We could see a few more open beta tests before the real deal. There was plenty of work to be done, and believing they will have it all sorted out in their next run is a big demand.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will receive some good news and get to reach The Finals sooner than we anticipated. For more on The Finals, you can read: Best Loadout for Each Class in The Finals

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