The 10 Best Kirby Copy Abilities Based on Appearance

The only item on Kirby's menu today is style.
Official art of various Kirby Copy Abilities battling it out.
Image via Kirby Official Twitter Account

Some of Kirby’s versatile Copy Abilities are more powerful than the others, but some look better than the others, too. These are Kirby’s 10 best Copy Abilities ranked only on their appearance.

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Honorary Mention: Magic Kirby

“Kirby” and “top hats” are two things that are simply impossible to hate. In all fairness, Magic Kirby feels like it could have pushed the ensemble just a little more with extra details such as a cape. But Kirby with just a top hat is still fantastic, especially in-game as a sprite. The top hat looks so large and unwieldy, which only adds to its charm. 

Honorary Mention: Yo-Yo Kirby

Yo-Yo Kirby absolutely has to get an honorable mention when it comes to Copy Ability appearances. The backwards baseball cap and yo-yo combo is peak 90’s, but simple enough to feel timeless, too. Whatever the era, Yo-Yo Kirby is one cool Copy Ability. Its Flashy Knit Cap variation in Kirby Fighters 2 is also a look for the ages.

Honorary Mention: Artist Kirby

Artist Kirby is, in a word, precious. The hat with a star is already cute enough on its own, but the paint splatters really amp up the adorableness. Oh to be an Artist Kirby with a magical rainbow paintbrush painting the day away in Dream Land.

#10: Whip Kirby

Whip Kirby has a stylish cowboy hat, which is already enough to make it one of the best-looking Copy Abilities in Kirby’s arsenal. The blue stars around the rim of the hat are details perfectly befitting of Kirby, while also giving the striking red hat some much-appreciated contrast. It’s a simple but effective look, which is sometimes all you need.

#9: Snow Bowl Kirby

Snow and ice are always very pretty, although Kirby’s ice-related Copy Abilities tend to lean on the plain side. Snow Bowl Kirby stands out by taking a gorgeous snowflake, adorning it with a stylish star, and topping it off with some delectable soft serve. Snow Bowl delivers not only an ideal ice-themed Copy Ability but a sweet serving of ice cream for the ever-hungry Kirby.

#8: Beam Mage Kirby

Beam Kirby’s jester hat is a certified classic, but the Beam Mage from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is the cutest the Copy Ability has ever been. “Kirby” and “witch’s hat” are two adorable ingredients that produce an outstanding result. If there were more witch-inspired Kirby designs, I definitely wouldn’t complain.

#7: Ninja Kirby

Ninja Kirby looks cool, there’s just no other way to describe it. The headwear effortlessly conveys what Kirby’s Copy Ability is supposed to be and looks great while doing so. The headgear from Super Star, Squeak Squad, and Super Star Ultra edges out the newer look by just a hair thanks to the better sense of movement it bestows. The Super Star versions take the top spot over Squeak Squad thanks to the pretty shade of purple Kirby becomes, perfectly completing the look.

#6: Ice/Spark (Refrigerator) Kirby

The Ice and Spark combination Copy Ability from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is Kirby as a refrigerator. A pink fridge with Kirby’s eyes may not seem like anything special, but it ends up being very cute all the same. The appeal of Kirby goes beyond his usual round shape and holds strong even in this rectangular form. It simply goes to show how universally appealing Kirby is that he looks great even as a household appliance. His love of food, however, is what makes this Copy Ability feel especially fitting, and helps edge it out over its rounder competition.

#5: Ultra Sword

Sword Kirby’s Link-inspired hat has always been iconic, if not a smidge on the simple side. Ultra Sword Kirby elevates the look with some much-appreciated extra details, including stars and, best of all, blades on the hat itself. Using blades instead of feathers to spruce up the hat is not only clever but visually appealing, too, making this the ideal Sword ensemble.

#4: Wing Kirby

Wing Kirby has always looked fantastic, although its classic look did tread the line between inspiration and misapplication a little too closely. The Copy Ability has seen minute changes across its history that shape its own identity, though, all while keeping the same sense of elegance and power. The colorful feathers are a beautiful touch over plain white feathers, too, helping further differentiate Wing Kirby’s appearance from the Cupid Ability.

#3: Mecha Kirby

The juxtaposition between sweet little Kirby and a big, frightening mecha is only one component of this Copy Ability’s ranking. Its main appeal, however, is the impressive amount of detail on the mecha itself. This Copy Ability could have stopped at the hat, which is already great enough on its own. The addition of the mecha’s hands, complete with fingers and thumbs, makes it feel like Kirby is truly piloting a mecha rather than just wearing a themed helmet. The mecha’s design is great, too, with an appealing blue coat of paint and eye-catching, contrasting orange highlights. Kirby may have a simple design on his own, but a detailed Copy Ability can go a long way.

#2: Noble Ranger Kirby

Copy Ability upgrades in Kirby and Forgotten Land are some of the best-looking designs Kirby’s ever had. At the top of this mountain of magnificence is the Noble Ranger ability. A stunning pirate hat with two guns makes for a phenomenal look on anyone, and there is no way Kirby would ever be an exception. This spectacular swashbuckling design would never walk the plank, as it stands firmly as one of the series’s best ensembles.

#1: Doctor Kirby

Kirby with glasses is already a top-tier design on its own. What really elevates Doctor Kirby to the position of best-looking Copy Ability is that it has three different designs, and all of them are fantastic. The standard look from Planet Robobot is the most like a doctor, with a lab coat and head mirror. The Doctor Healmore design in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe has headwear that’s a bit more fantasy-inspired, with a potion bottle to boot. And Super Kirby Clash’s good doctor looks even more fantastical, with an adorable feathered cap. So far, each Doctor Kirby has served looks just as efficiently as he fills prescriptions, making it the best looking Copy Ability among Kirby’s countless other fantastic designs.

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