Sony E3 2014 Press Conference Recap

Uncharted 4, Destiny, Mortal Kombat X, Grand Theft Auto 5... what more could you ask for?

With Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft out of the way, all that was left for the press conferences today was Sony. The Japanese powerhouse showed off Destiny as its first trailer of the night. We saw a far more polished look at Bungie’s new title, and Sony was quick to boast that the game would have exclusive content on the PlayStation 4, and the beta would begin on July 17th, only on PS4. Alongside the standalone release of Destiny, Sony will release an Arctic White PlayStation 4 bundled with the game. Both purchase options will be available in September.

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The Order: 1886 was up next, and we got to see gameplay footage this year. The game looks like it’s been heavily influenced by Resident Evil (the old school games with slow zombies and minimal light). The primary light source was a lantern held by your character. As he was attacked by a zombie (who moved slow at first, but them quickly increased his agility), he used multiple guns to fend off the beast (with minimal effect).

Entwined was up next, with a far more majestic title along the lines of Flower. The big news here is that the game is available right now. You can go buy it for $9.99 on PSN at this very moment. The PlayStation 4 version is immediately available, while the PS3 and Vita versions are coming soon.

We then took a look at the first bit of downloadable content (DLC) for Infamous Second Son. The new DLC, First Light, will be available to download in August. This announcement was quickly followed by a big reveal of the logo for Little Big Planet 3.

The new title will include three new friends for Sackboy. The first was Oddsock who can wall jump and moves faster than Sackboy. Then we have Toggle who is normally much bigger than Sackboy, but can shrink down much smaller when he needs to. Swoop was the final companion shown, who is basically a bird with the ability to fly. We watched all four characters make their way through a level, using their various abilities to overcome each obstacle. Swoop even has the ability to pick up Sackboy or the small size version of Oddsock and carry them to higher areas. The game is scheduled to release in November, and you’ll be able to access all of the Little Big Planet 1 and 2 content in HD.

A new game brought to us by From Software was on display next. Bloodborne looked like a cross between Dark Souls and Resident Evil (the newer titles in the series). From what little was shown, it looks like the game plays faster than Dark Souls, but not quite as fast-paced as the Resident Evil 5 or 6. We should find out more about the title as we approach the 2015 release date.

Next up was gameplay footage of Farcry 4, followed by a trailer for Dead Island 2. This time Dead Island takes place in a location that resembles Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The zombies were swift, but the trailer wasn’t quite as cinematic as the initial trailer for the first Dead Island title. The game will offer an exclusive beta and an extra character on the PlayStation 4.

Battlefield Hardline was up next, which was more of what was shown off at Electronic Arts’ conference. This was followed by a note that Sony would have Marvel characters (the Avengers) in Disney Infinity 2.0 before any other platform.  We then took a look at a humorous trailer for Magicka 2, and received word that a remake of Grim Fandango is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita exclusively.

After a quick indy game montage, we took a look at Let It Die, the new title from Suda51. The game looked extremely gruesome and dark. It was your typical zombie fare, but much darker.  It almost seemed like an urban Mad Max with zombies.

Sony quickly changed pace with a look at ABZU from Giant Squid. It will be available on PlayStation consoles first, and was one of the more picturesque games of the evening. It also reminded us quite a bit of Flower.

Next up was No Man’s Sky, which is a unique title that puts players on a different planet each time they start the game. This means each player will have a completely unique gaming experience every time they play. We saw space battles and dinosaurs just to name a few of the more interesting things on display.

Sony’s virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus will be on display at E3 with two new demos, then it was time to talk numbers. Sony discussed some of the successes of PSN and the PlayStation 4, adding that YouTube support will be coming soon, as well as free DLC for Playroom.

After talking about a slew of free-to-play titles coming to the PlayStation 4, including Planetside 2, Sony shifted into a discussion about PlayStation Now. The service will go into beta on the PS4 in July, offering over 100 PS3 titles to download, including Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Pricing on the game rentals is still being decided at the moment.

PlayStation TV was the next topic of discussion, with the device allowing users to play the PS4 remotely on a nearby TV set. The device will retail for $99 with a bundle featuring a game, controller, and HDMI cable for $129. But enough of the peripheral talk, it was time to showcase Mortal Kombat X.

While we’ve seen a CG trailer for the game already, this time we saw in-game footage. We saw a battle between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as well as two seemingly new characters. One looked like a yellow bug and seemed to integrate bugs into her play style. The other was a large brooding man with a smaller female on his shoulders who helped him fight. He reminded us of Grundy from Injustice. The footage was complete with gruesome X-Rays moves and fatalities at the end.

Next up was talk of the Powers TV show that’s coming to the PlayStation Network. This was followed by a trailer for the 2015 Ratchet and Clank movie, and the announcement of the original Ratchet and Clank being remastered on the PS4. The game will hit in 2015 as well.

Sony closed out the conference with a look at The Last of Us on PS4, then the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer that leaked yesterday. We also got a quick look at Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PS4 (coming this Fall), and a fun trailer of the Batmobile in action in Batman: Arkham Knight. Finally, we saw a brief glimpse of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which is still scheduled for 2015.

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