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Pathfinder Creative Director Reveals His Favorite New Feature In Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous aims to take the Pathfinder franchise even further, but there's a few new features that the team is excited about the most.
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous aims to take the Pathfinder franchise even further, but there’s a few new features that the team is excited about the most. The studio over at Owlcat Games did the Pathfinder name proud with Kingmaker and they are aiming to do that once more with the upcoming release of Wrath of the Righteous, a widely beloved campaign in this tabletop series. The game adaptation will take the lore we love and put it in players’ hands but there’s one aspect of Wrath that has the creative director the most excited. 

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We sat down with creative director Alexander Mishulin to talk about Wrath of the Righteous and what he can’t wait for players to experience for themselves. “Our most prominent feature this time around is Mythic Paths,” Mishulin tells Prima Games. “Paizo introduced Mythic character progression specifically for this Adventure Path. This progression is an additional layer of the character building that allows players to make truly powerful characters capable of taking on Demon Lords and similarly powerful entities.”

The translation from tabletop to video games also means a little additional maneuvering, something players will be able to witness with their take on the Mythic Paths. According to Mishulin, “Our version of the Mythic Paths is more thematical. Each Mythic Path is allowing to see the story from a different perspective, providing unique options to many challenges. And mechanically, there are a lot of abilities tied to each particular path.”

So what are the Mythical Paths? According to the creative director, there will be 9 Mythical Paths that players can explore: 

  • Angel is a general of celestial armies, able to summon angels to fight by their side and heal and protect their allies.
  • Lich is an immortal undead, a master of necromancy who will ultimately be able to replace their companions with the undead minions under their command.
  • Aeon is a cosmic judge of balance with the ability to change the current timeline. They can sense where the balance is broken and correct it, usually punishing the perpetrator in the process.
  • Trickster is a Loki-type character who loves to have fun and play jokes on even the mightiest creatures. They can trick the rules that govern the world to gain unimaginable powers.
  • Demon is a raging beast whose desire is to become the rightful ruler of the Abyss. They can choose to sink into a demonic rage and rip their enemies apart with their bare hands. 
  • Azata is a rebel and a fighter for freedom and good. A superhero of sorts that protects innocents against demons and purifies the land of corruption with a havoc dragon be their side.
  • Legend is an unusual path for those who are trying to contend with Demon Lords while remaining mortal heroes.
  • Swarm-That-Walks is an incarnation of anger, allowing the character to become one with the swarm of locusts and consume everything that stands in their way.
  • Gold Dragon is a protector of the lesser races, wise and merciful. A defender of Golarion, they can stagger even the greatest foes with their roar alone and guide those who are lost.

With so many different Paths to choose from, the replayability of Wrath of the Righteous will be astronomical given that each choice can drastically impact how the story plays out in terms of player perspective. Subtle nuance can be uncovered, different philosophies experienced, the Mythical Paths are just one of the many ways that the team over at Owlcat Games aims to do the Pathfinder franchise justice while providing fans with a unique experience to treasure always. 

Now that the Kickstarter has closed after having raised over 2 million dollars, it’s time to get started on releasing the latest Pathfinder adventure! Right now, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is only coming to PC through Steam and GOG but the team did mention that they were open to other platforms further down the line! You can learn even more with our previous coverage here as well as the studio’s official website

Disclosure: The author of this article has pledged to this campaign. 

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