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Overwatch: Sombra Voice Actress Takes On Bottle Cap Challenge In Full-On Cosplay

by Liana Ruppert

The bottle cap challenge is the latest viral trend that sees people from all over the world looking to show off their athletic side by stylishly kicking off a bottle cap without disturbing the actual bottle. Some have been impressive, while others just hilarious failures, but the Overwatch team took a different approach when the Sombra voice actress put her own spin on it in full cosplay: 

Systems are definitely initiated in the above video by Carolina Ravassa seen in a full-fledged Sombra cosplay, effects and all. “Easy for a hacker,” boasts the actress and honestly – it’s a creative take on the viral trend. Also, sources tell us the last thing the bottle heard was a menacing “¡Apagando las luces!”

(We’re kidding …)

What did you think of her take on the bottle cop challenge? Any other heroes from the Blizzard roster you’d like to see perform this trick as with the help of their counterparts? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with your take on this particular challenge and who’d you like to see next! 



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