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Outriders Exclusive | Watch Us Not-So-Successfully Take On the First Boss

by Liana Ruppert

Square Enix recently invited Prima Games out to check out a few hours of People Can Fly’s (Gears of War: Judgement, Bulletstorm) Outriders game and to say we loved the shooter x RPG hybrid would be a massive understatement. That being said, we definitely hit a massive learning curve with the first boss and saw firsthand how he scales up in level as we do, so we thought it’d be funnier to show our first failed attempt rather than our success. Who doesn’t like to watch people fail in games? It’s hilarious and makes us feel better about ourselves … we get it. 

So without further ado, here is our misery for your enjoyment: 


You can watch some of our ‘normal’ gameplay here if you want, never realised I liked playing the medic role until I had to literally revive everyone, but the boss fight was a class of its own. We eventually figured out how to break his debris wall but there was definitely a lot of shifts in strategy that needed to take place.

As mentioned in our hands-on coverage, Outriders is a looter shooter but it’s great for those like me that like both RPGs and shooting games. It’s the best of both worlds with character interactions that mean something and a storyline that makes you want to learn more. It’s fun, it’s dark, and there are a lot of moments of human intimacy amidst crisis that takes this adventure to a whole new level. 

We’ve got some amazing interview pieces coming down the pipeline, like how we talked a little bit about the language of looove, so keep it tuned into Prima Games to learn more about Outriders before its holiday release!