By now, the world knows about Outriders, the new shooter/RPG hybrid coming from Bulletstorm's People Can Fly studio. We recently had a chance to play a few hours of the game, which you can read about our impressions here, but we wanted to share but a small taste of what this experience has to offer. 

20 minutes of Outriders gameplay (Cutscene spoiler at the 6:30 mark, feel free to skip)

We spliced out the bigger cutscenes as not to give away the story but here's the basic combat in the beginning stages of a character. There is also one cutscene that shows off how a few characters changed at the 6:30 mark. At this point in the game, our Outrider just discovered her new powers, so they are still in their baby stage. That being said, swapping between skills and weaponry is beyond easy, and that's exactly what our gameplay showcases when it comes to smooth transitions and progressional advancement.

As mentioned in our hands-on coverage, Outriders is a looter shooter but it's great for those like me that like both RPGs and shooting games. It's the best of both worlds with character interactions that mean something and a storyline that makes you want to learn more. It's fun, it's dark, and there are a lot of moments of human intimacy amidst crisis that takes this adventure to a whole new level. 

We've got some amazing interview pieces coming down the pipeline, like how we talked a little bit about the language of loooveso keep it tuned into Prima Games to learn more about Outriders before its holiday release!