We recently had a chance to play a few hours of People Can Fly's new game Outriders: a shooter RPG hybrid that looks, and feels, absolutely incredible. But one thing going into my time with the game that surprised me was how RPG-like it truly was. I was expecting some elements here and there, but I didn't expect to be totally lost (in a good way) within the narrative that I experienced. Since I'm a huge RPG fan-girl, one look at all of my BioWare and Elder Scrolls tattoos will tell you that, my mind immediately went to one thing when I saw space and RPG: Garrus Vakarian. Which, of course, led me to be curious about whether or not romance would be an option. 

When speaking with the core team about Outriders, I went right into my desire to learn more about potential deeper relationships in the game. The team behind People Can Fly told Prima Games, "I don't want to spoil too much, but I will tell you that you've only scratched the surface of the characters in this game. A lot of the story is going to be about who you go on this journey with and as you take this quest, this adventure, your convoy, your caravan of people is going to grow. And you'll be really surprised by the kinds of people you end up with. You know, Jaco already is one of them. You've already seen him change from your buddy to your grumpy old asshole uncle."

I joked that he's OUR grumpy asshole, to which they added, "Exactly. And so you're going to have this really intense group of characters that you will get to know and love and try to keep alive through the end of the game."

So do we have our "yes"? Well, no, but more importantly we don't have our "no" either so I'm cool with keeping hope alive!

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