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New Alan Wake Documentary Details How the Game Was Rebuilt 3 Years Into Development

by Liana Ruppert

While it’s not a sequel, a new Alan Wake documentary dives deep into the development of the game and how it was completely rebuilt 3 years in. Ars Technica was joined by Remedy Games creative director Sam Lake to offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at the development of Alan Wake. 

Alan Wake made its grand debut in 2010 and was massively underappreciated for its time. This sci-fi thriller balanced out the suspense and an evolving narrative perfectly and for those that did experience it, it became a vital experience for those that were looking to be enthralled in a dangerous mystery that would linger years after its launch. 

In the video below, Sam Lake talks about the journey of development and how important pivots were made during the creation of the journey behind one author’s descent into the unknown where realities bleed together and mysteries could cost you your life. According to the documentary’s description, “When it came time to follow up on the success of Max Payne and its sequel, Remedy had an abundance of ideas and a stable of creators eager to implement them. Years into its development cycle however, Sam and his colleagues felt the project had yet to successfully blend its influences and game mechanics into a cohesive experience. Knowing the bones of a remarkable game was present within the work of the previous three years, Remedy set out to rebuild Alan Wake. Here’s how they pulled it off, how Alan’s story continues in Remedy’s critically-acclaimed Control, and where it’s set to go with its upcoming DLC.”


Interestingly enough, Lake went into his own background a little bit, talking about how he fell into games writing almost by accident back when he was in university studying literature and the English language. Thank god for that accident, because what came out of that happenstance was beautiful and while we haven’t seen a true sequel, we did see a continuation of that love and Alan’s continuation in their latest game: Control.

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For those that have yet to give this incredible game a try, we can’t recommend it enough. To this day, it is still one of my top five games over the last 10 years and that’s in large part due to the subtle nuance provided throughout Wake’s journey. The game beings when best-selling author Alan Wake suddenly finds his wife has disappeared during their vacation. In his attempt to find her, he uncovers scattered pages of a sci-fi thriller that he has no recollection of ever writing. 

As his search continues, there’s a Dark Presence that hovers around him, shoving Wake further into madness as it distorts reality and takes over the small, humble town of Bright Falls. This game was so heart-pounding, so incredible, with a pacing similar to that of a TV show. It’s a phenomenally unique ride that you would do well to check out, especially now that it’s on sale for 90% off to celebrate the title’s 10-year anniversary! 

So check out the video above, learn more about Alan Wake, and join us as we continue to celebrate a game that has left its mark long after those end credits rolled! You can also share your favorite Alan Wake memory over on Twitter by hitting us up @PrimaGames!

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