Modder Makes Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Perform Our Favorite Hits in Guitar Hero

The Gang gets into Guitar Hero.

I’ve begun consuming much of my gaming content in the last few years through TikTok. Often, it’s weird facts I didn’t know about a game or some easter egg tutorial for whatever’s popular. Every now and then, though, you find a true gem, something that makes you stop dead in your tracks and go down the rabbit hole.

Baldur’s Gate 3 characters performing hit songs from Guitar Hero is my new hyperfixation, and it’s all over TikTok. Have you ever wanted to see Astarion belt out Santeria by Sublime while Lae’zel slams the drums harder than a Githyanki battleaxe? Well, now you can, and it’s just as unhinged as you hoped. While the vocals and instruments are just tracked from Guitar Hero, it’s still incredible to see the custom character skins perform these hits.

I feel this needed an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” title card, like a side episode of some grand adventure.

Everyone’s favorite divorced dad, Gale, gets the spotlight with Hinder’s hit classic “Lips of An Angel.” We always knew Gale was into dad rock, but there’s something about seeing it that really drives the point home.

Who knew that all of the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 are multi-classed into Bard? I look forward to seeing our companions roll into the next tavern with a drink in hand, ready to perform the “YMCA” and get everyone in The Last Light Inn on their feet. It’s been a long, harrowing fight in the Shadow Cursed Lands; they deserve a break.

My personal favorite, though, is watching Shadowheart belt out Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life.” It seems that Shadowheart has a lot pent up about the Dark Justiciars that she needs to release. I can’t think of a more fitting way to do so than with a microphone, your best pals, and some good ole Evanescence. At least, that’s what I do at Karaoke with my friends. Astarion singing backup vocals on this track with ” Wake Me Up” is a true all-time moment.


I have been messing with mods for hours and have a few videos I can’t wait to post.🥴 #fyp #bg3 #guitarhero #laezel #shadowheart #baldursgate3 #gaming #karlach #bg3xguitarhero #astarion

♬ original sound – monkemeeki

TikTok creator Monkemeeki is having fun with making these videos, as you can see from all of the captions. Captions that read similar to the vibes you’re trying to give when making song lyrics your old A.I.M away messages from back in the day.

It has me wondering what all of the companion’s MySpace profile songs would be if they existed in Faerun. We will always be left wondering. Anyway, here’s Mr. Brightside.


When Astarion says he ‘doesn’t expect more late night trists’ when you tell him you want something real with him breaks me. This ones for my Astarion babes!🙃 #fyp #bg3 #guitarhero #laezel #shadowheart #baldursgate3 #karlach #bg3xguitarhero #astarion #astarionbg3 #astariontok

♬ Stargazing (Slowed + Reverb) – Marcelo De Carvalho

Even Lae’zel gets in on the fun with Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” It’s nice to see her shed some of that brooding angst and have some fun with it. I always wondered if she was a natural-born frontwoman.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has seen critical and commercial success, has been nominated for multiple awards at this year’s Game Awards, and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. The community has taken to these characters in a way that puts them in funny situations, incredible art pieces, and much more. I look forward to my next TikTok rabbit hole with this cast of characters, and I can’t imagine what lies in wait next.

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