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Internet Reacts to Pokemon Unite Reveal

by Liana Ruppert

Pokemon is taking the franchise in a new direction with a strategy MOBA experience called Pokemon Unite. With two Pokemon reveals back to back, the latest unveiling includes a League of Legends-esque experience, and the reactions to Pokemon Unite are hilariously divided. 

From Raid Shadow Legends comparisons to excitement over something new, here are some of our favorite reactions to Pokemon Unite:

But it wasn’t all bad reactions, there were some that were hyped for the new reveal:

And then there is me, who should never have an opinion ever, ever again:

For those that missed our earlier coverage, Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 strategy game that will have players joining forces in order to take out the enemy team. There are many games like this, but the two that jump out immediately are DOTA and League. 

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Pokemon Unite will be free-to-play with microtransactions that are normal for this type of game. Once players  max out their characters, they can then unlock more battle moves to make them more powerful out on the battlefield. 

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon Unite MOBA? Will you be jumping into the battles that it has to offer? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter!

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