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I Went to the Twice Roblox Event So You Don’t Have To

How did we end up here, again.

by Jesse Vitelli

Ya know, these Roblox posts started out as a bit and have really become something larger than a simple joke. I am trapped by my co-workers whenever there is a new Roblox weird crossover. Much like Jack from the hit television show Lost, whenever I am faced with a new bizarre Roblox crossover, I mutter under my breath, “We need to go back.”

So, I’m back in Roblox after my horrifying trip to Dave and Busters, and this time, I’m here to explore the new collaboration between Roblox and the hit K-Pop Group Twice.

I Went to the Twice Roblox Event So You Don’t Have To

As we’ve learned from our previous two trips into Roblox, these collaborations are often half-baked weird events to try and prove that the metaverse is going to be a thing. I am here to say the Twice collaboration, while the best of the three I’ve visited, is still a jarring and terrifying experience that will haunt my nightmares for the next few weeks.

I load into Twice Square, where there are avatars of other human players jumping up and down. At this point, I’m feeling pretty good because this is the most populated I’ve seen in one of these areas. Shoutout to K-Pop fans for always showing up.

I look up and see a big archway with the words “Twice Square,” and I think to myself, “maybe this will be alright.”

I was immediately wrong as a single phone booth began to ring. I picked up the phone because no one else in this dystopian world seemed to be curious about the random London phone booth in this world. When I answered, I was greeted by the voices of Twice.

I was shocked; they actually got them to record a message for this Roblox event. However, the audio quality sounded like it was coming from a large empty garage, and it suddenly felt like ghosts were haunting me. I felt like this was the beginning of a horror film where the K-Pop group Twice was going to trap me in some Saw-style room. The sign in front of the building said “Set Me Free,” and all I could think was, “please”.

To be honest, I wasn’t far off. I was then quickly escorted into an Escape Room style minigame. I was tasked with finding the keypad password by solving a series of very rudimentary-level puzzles. It consisted of looking at a clock, finding some stuffed animals (presumably each of the member’s favorite animals), and then opening some filing cabinets in a school.

I don’t know how any of these really correlate to having a good time, but I felt like I was fighting for my life amongst whatever 12 years olds were also playing alongside me.

After escaping with my life, I started running to the nearest hiding spot so these ghosts of Twice can’t hurt me anymore. I see a large Ferris Wheel and head in that direction. I run towards the bright lights and fireworks lighting up the sky like its the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, I make it to Twice Pier, which is under construction until March 24, 2023.

This is a bummer, it’s clear this is a huge part of the attraction, and it won’t be open for another few weeks.

I head back down, crouching and sneaking around, not answering any more phone calls from random phonebooths.

I go into a building with the Twice logo on it, which, if we’re being honest, just looks like the Walgreens logo, but I digress.

It’s the shop where you can buy your favorite outfits from Twice members. These lifeless mannequins allow you to talk up, put on their whole outfit, and then leave. There’s really not much to say here other than the Roblox avatars look like walking refrigerators no matter what clothes they wear.

I head to the final building called “Station,” which might be a Twice reference or a train to take me as far away as possible. I walk up to it, hoping to end this nightmare, but it’s closed until next week. Bummer.

The last thing I did was spend my hard-earned in-game currency on a collectible from one of those machines you see at the grocery store. I put my coins in and received an image of a member of Twice; it was of “Epic” rarity, and then it disappeared, and I couldn’t figure out how to look at it again.

At this point, I close Roblox entirely, and I never want to do one of these again. However, I know I’ll be back when the next one rolls around. It’s amazing that Roblox has not made these any better since our first journey together. I wonder how Wal-Mart land is doing these days.

Jesse Vitelli

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