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A Hilarious Mass Effect Parody Game Was Just Revealed And It’s Exquisite

by Liana Ruppert

Look, we know there will eventually be another Mass Effect game, though we do know it will not be in the near future. Following the Mass Effect Andromeda debacle and the team’s focus on new IPs and Dragon Age 4, various BioWare and EA reps alike have said that Mass Effect is not done but it’s not happening this year or even next. So while we wait for more news on that front and until BioWare gifts us with a remaster, Mass Effect fans (hey, it me) must bide our time in other ways and what better way to do just that than with this hilarious Mass Effect parody game that was just revealed!

This lovely gem is called Minimal Affect and it’s coming to PC in 2021. This game isn’t meant to be a rip-off, instead it’s designed to be a love letter to a game, especially with the trilogy, that is renowned for its incredible narrative, memorable characters, and a community fanbase that continues to dance to a very passionate drum to this day.

“​Minimal Affect​ is our homage to some of the greatest sci-fi RPGs, movies, and shows that we absolutely love,” Rasmus Davidsson, Creative Director on ​Minimal Affect​ said to TheSixthAxis. “While the story is ridiculous, the gameplay certainly is not – this is a fully-fledged action-RPG created in the art-style of adult animation you know and love. It’s a super galactic tale of space adventure, comedy and questionable morality.”

The Mass Effect parody is a narrative-driven space RPG that has a cast of humans and aliens alike, not unlike that of Mass Effect. The characters must race against the clock to save the galaxy, sound familiar, while learning new skills and exploring every nook and cranny that can be uncovered in the great unknown. It’s everything Mass Effect fans can expect just done in a more playful cartoon design.

Minimal Affect is being developed by Toadman Studios and published by Sold Out. The team also mentioned that this Mass Effect parody will eventually be making its way to consoles at launch as well, but definitively it’s set for a PC release sometime next year. The team also mentioned that “more platform details will be revealed at a later date,” which makes us wonder if this could potentially see a Nintendo Switch version as well!

What do you think about the Mass Effect parody game, Minimal Affect? Love it or leave it? Sound off with which side of the spectrum you’re leaning towards by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames. You can also check out our Mass Effect hubs here for more about everyone’s favorite Commander.

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