There is no doubt that the Mass Effect fandom is large and collectively, incredibly talented. From amazing cosplays to beautiful artwork - there is no limit to what the fan collective can do. That "can do" attitude also extends into many different games that allow for customization and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no different. Mass Effect fans all over the world are taking to social media to share their nifty New Horizons creations and as a huge N7 stan myself, I couldn't help but to share in the excitement. 

There are so many more, but those were just a few of our favorites. I'm particularly fond of the one creation that even made their Avatar look like Commander Jane Shepard. Yeah, I stan. I stan hard.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including all of the nifty Mass Effect creations shared above, is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Need some help getting your island up and running? Be sure to check out our Game Hub right here, we've got well over 100 guides for tips and tricks, and even more on the way!