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Ghost of Tsushima Preview – The Mongol Invasion Awaits

by Bryan Dawson

Samurai games seem to be all the rage these days, between Nioh, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and more, the way of the samurai is coming back to gaming over the next couple of years. One of the most anticipated samurai titles is Ghost of Tsushima, a PlayStation 4 exclusive coming from Sucker Punch. If that developer sounds familiar, it should. Sucker Punch is the same development team that brought you the inFamous and Sly Cooper franchises. Now they’ve been given more freedom to create Ghost of Tsushima, a new IP that is already generating a lot of buzz. Let’s take a closer look at the game in our Ghost of Tsushima preview.

Ghost of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan during the year 1274. This just so happens to be the same time the Mongols invaded Japan, and that’s not a coincidence. While the setting of Ghost of Tsushima is historic, the events and story that take place as you play through the game are completely fictional. Sucker Punch wanted to create a fun and engaging experience, while still honoring all those who lost their lives during the Mongol invasion of Japan.

While the story may be fictional, Sucker Punch is doing a number of things to increase the realism in the title. When you attack someone with your katana, the battle wounds your sword create will look realistic. In addition, there are blood physics that have been programmed in conjunction with the arc of your sword to look as realistic and brutal as possible.

Players should look at Ghost of Tsushima in a similar fashion to how they look at Dark Souls. It’s an open world game, but this isn’t a straight action game where you’ll be hacking away at hordes of opponents. Ghost of Tsushima is a challenging title that will require the player to use precision if they want to work through a bevy of enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 4. With plenty of experience working with the console over the last few years, Sucker Punch has really been able to harness the power of the aging console. To help grasp the beauty of Ghost of Tsushima, the game includes a photo mode. With this, players will be able to capture imagery without the in-game HUD obstructing the view.

Some people may recall the E3 2018 Ghost of Tsushima presentation at the Sony press conference. While the gameplay on display was breathtaking, one aspect of the presentation caught some ire from potential fans. Throughout the gameplay demonstration, English was spoken by many of the Japanese characters. While many people will very likely play the game with English audio, rest assured, Ghost of Tsushima will include a Japanese language option for those who seek a more authentic presentation.

There’s no release date for Ghost of Tsushima  just yet, but it will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer more insight into Ghost of Tsushima in the future.

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