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Games of 2014 – The Elder Scrolls Online

by Prima Games Staff

For the past few years, The Elder Scrolls series has really taken off, between the timeless adventure Oblivion and the recent earth-shaking entry, Skyrim. As far as Bethesda is concerned, we haven’t seen anything yet, as 2014 will be the biggest year  for the franchise with Elder Scrolls Online.

This latest entry says it all in the title – Online. That means you’ll be able to work with others – and battle with them – through an MMO (massively multiplayer online) set-up. There is a small monthly fee that comes with this, but it’s a small price to pay when it comes to the awesome quests and hours of gameplay that awaits.

In the game, there are various factions you can choose from, including the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact. To further deepen the experience, you can take advantage of an elaborate, feature-laden character customization system, choosing between hundreds of small settings that allow you to make the perfect warrior. It really is something to tinker with, and you can always go back and try something fresh if your own personal warrior isn’t getting the job done.

The combat will feel familiar to fans of the Elder Scrolls series, with the ability to summon spells and use traditional weapons to decimate enemies. You can also level up as you go along, eventually earning new weapons and class skills. Get good enough, and you’ll be able to unlock the Ultimate Ability for your character, mastering it to the point that you can cut large foes down to size.

Perhaps the most startling addition to The Elder Scrolls Online will be the game world. There will be dozens of quests to choose from, as well as locations to visit, such as the Dragon Temples and the Daedric Ruins. Since it’s online, you’ll find no shortage of characters to interact with, whether they decide to side with you or take you on in player vs. player combat. No matter what you prefer, you’ll find plenty to do.

Even with the addition of a monthly fee and an online component, The Elder Scrolls Online should have no problem living up to the series’ stature when it releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year. We can’t wait.

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