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This Final Fantasy VII Remake Cosplay Is Perfect for Reno Fans

by Liana Ruppert

So you’ve beat Reno in the first fight in Final Fantasy VII Remake but are still mesmerized by that bratty attitude and stunning red hair? We get it, boy, do we get it, which is why this Final Fantasy VII remake cosplay is perfect for Reno fans! One thing is for sure, this Reno cosplayer has us shook. 

This cosplayer goes by Moderately Okay Cosplay (which is hilarious) and brings the sassy Turk to life in the best way possible. Outside of Sephi-bae … I mean Sephiroth … Reno is probably one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy VII in large part to how just irreverent he is. He’s a brat, but he’s our brat, you know? 

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Anyway, this cosplayer absolutely nailed this cosplay but I know some will bring up the photo-editing, so here is an unedited picture below. As you can see, it’s still absolutely killer: 

You can almost hear the trash talk through the mirror selfie, it’s great. This is the kind of content I live for and thank you for bearing with me this far, because this is just really cool. 

Cosplay is an incredible way for fans to put their personal touch on beloved characters from games, books, TV, movies, and more. Some cosplay creations are exact replicas while others put a few more individual touches to add that personal touch of love. This particular cosplay is pretty dead-on accurate, which is great for those Final Fantasy lovers looking to get their Reno fix. 

To learn more about the above talented Final Fantasy VII Reno cosplayer, you can check out their work and support them through their page right here! As for the game itself, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can catch up on all the latest news, including tips and part 2’s start date, with our game hub right here. 

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