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How to Beat Reno In Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Liana Ruppert

So you’re looking at how to beat Reno in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, eh? We get it, he’s a tough cookie to crack, but not impossible! For those are their journey to the Platinum for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, we have a few tips you should keep in mind when looking to beat Reno! Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Beat Reno In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Reno is just one of many enemies that Cloud and friends will have to go up against, but Reno is probably one of my favorites aside from Seph Bae – uh, I mean Sephiroth. For those that have missed out on the original, Reno is a sassy af Turk, an elite group that is very integrated in the SOLDIER program and are about as deadly as they come. Reno is a little punk, literally, and his trash-talking game is on point enough to make him a standout character that you’ll remember long after he is defeated! For those that want to beat him, you’re going to need to go to church. 

What’s better than going to church? Crashing through the roof as one and that’s exactly what Cloud does when he’s faced once more with the Flower Peddler, Aerith. But this isn’t a warm reunion, because Reno’s sarcastic butt comes barreling through the doors in all of his Turk pride to take out Cloud once and for all. 

Joke’s on him, because we’re here to help you out. 

First things first: Reno isn’t a solo act, he comes bearing fellowship friends that have death in their eyes, though the bright side is they are pretty weak – especially comparatively – making it fairly easy to take them out quickly before facing off against Reno himself. 

Since every NPC is weak to fire, having Fire Materia is going to be key. You can learn more about Materia with our deep-dive guide right here, but that’s not the only spell you’re going to want to carry before going into this fight. 

  • Strengths: Lightning, meaning these attacks won’t do well against Reno
  • Weaknesses: Fire, burn baby, burn

Like many enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Reno has a pattern and is very methodical in his approach to combat. This may seem overwhelming at first, but once you’ve got the pattern down pat you are ready to rock and roll against this red-haired punk to put him in his place in all of Cloud’s glory.

A few key combat tips to master is when you see Reno dash forward, flip over his head to deal damage or quickly dash out of the way. One additional point to the flip strategy is that sometimes Reno leaves behind electricity residue, which will deal out massive damage to Cloud so when this is spotted: duck and roll, friends, duck and roll.

Now that you’ve got his basic footwork down pat, the next phase of the fight begins with EM Mines thrown into the mix. Once an EM Mine is thrown, they will follow Cloud until either they are destroyed or they nail their target. To take out the EM Mines in one sweep, we recommend using the Triple Slash, or hit them with your Fire spells as well, just make sure to keep dodging because this sequence is fast-paced given that you’re evading mines and Reno at the same time. 

With the power of fire and heavy attacks combined, Cloud will eventually emerge victoriously, which will trigger both he and Aerith’s escape plan and the next phase of the game will go on. 

The Reno fight is brutal but does have a clear path to victory. That being said, he’s not the only Turk Cloud will have to take out, but he is arguably the most fun. Who doesn’t love a sassy foe? 

For even more guides on how to take on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, check out our game hub here for more tips and tricks! We’ve even got some epic cosplay for you to ogle in between gathering Materia and kicking some major butt. As for the game itself, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on PlayStation 4. You can pick up a copy of the popular game and support Prima Games at the same time by purchasing the Final Fantasy VII Remake through this link. Happy gaming! 

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