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Facebook Gaming #PlayApartTogether Tournament for COVID-19 Relief Continues

by Liana Ruppert

The Facebook Gaming #PlayApartTogether COVID-19 stream continues with some big names attached to the latest relief efforts. With COVID-19 quarantines still ongoing and daily life disruptions continue, gaming has consistently been a source of comfort for millions around the world. The #PlayApartTogether tournament initiative from Facebook Gaming and Greenlit Content continues to raise money for relief efforts and medical supplies, this time with an even bigger roundtable of talent. 

From WWE talent to incredibly beloved influencers, this week’s tournament is guaranteed to be a blast. For those that may not know, the #PlayApartTogether tournament is in a combined effort with the World Health Organization and will see major pro-athletes, celebrities, streamers, and gamers from all over the world combine their talents to safely bring a little joy to the world alongside that competitive spirit. Remote play yet still connected, the Facebook Gaming and Greenlit Content teams are working hard towards the goal of raising money and awareness for the massive COVID-19 outbreak. 




ATP Tour


Xavier Woods

Adam Cole

Tyler Breeze

Aleister Black

Flying Lotus

Jim Jones






Jess Brohard




Taylor Fritz

The Facebook Gaming tournament is one of many ways gamers and industry professionals alike are banding together to help stop the spread and aid in the treatment of COVID-19. Each week will offer something new for gamers to enjoy with different players, prizes, and a few surprises along the way

“Right now, we’re all wondering what we can do to help and it’s easy to feel disconnected thanks to the very necessary imposed isolation,” said Greenlit Content’s CEO, John Benyamine. “Gaming has become a natural respite for many of us, so offering the chance to hook up with fellow gamers online, watch some great talent take part in live matches, and raise money to help ease the burden on our heroic frontline healthcare workers felt like the perfect way to address lots of pressing issues at once, in a fun and social way”.

The PlayApartTogether initiative is being sponsored this week by State Farm and Alienware and will see a price pool of $25,000 for charity. The show begins at 8PM ET today, so don’t be l ate! You can watch it right here. 

How do you feel about the Facebook Gaming’s #PlayApartTogether tournament? What other starts would you like to see join the party? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’ll see you there! 

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