Enough Drip to Extinguish Hell: Prima Diablo 4 Outfits Ranked

It's always about the fashion.

Prima Team Drip Diablo 4
Screenshot by Prima Games.

There is nothing more important in Diablo 4 than how your character looks. I don’t make the rules, this is just how any kind of RPG works. You can have all the best stats, but if your character outfit is bottom of the barrel, it doesn’t matter. So naturally, I had to find out who had the best Diablo 4 outfit at Prima Games, and the results certainly threw me off.

Which Class Looks the Best in Diablo 4? – The Prima Teama Votes

Eight of us came together, like the Avengers of cool armor sets, and took screenshots of the best outfits we could come up with. I put together a poll with all the screenshots that were based on ranking rather than a simple vote. Now you can see how the Prima Games team fared and the average ranking of each character. And of course, you can find all the images that show how much drip Prima really has.

#8 – Madison Benson (Sorcerer)

#7 – Matt Vatankhah (Barbarian)

#6 – Jesse Vitelli (Necromancer)

#5 – Dan Wenerowicz (Rogue)

#4 – Daphne Fama (Sorcerer)

#3 – Shawn Robinson (Necromancer)

#2 – Meg Bethany Koepp (Necromancer)

#1 – Joe Greene (Druid)

There you have it; the Druid might just be the best-looking class in Diablo 4. Compared to the other classes in the game, the Druid definitely has some of the most unique looks and Joe’s specifically looks like a Dark Souls boss that took over Sanctuary.

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Now if you ask me, there is some serious Rogue and Barbarian discrimination going on with the Prima Team. We’ll just have to run back the fashion show once Season 1 hits in Diablo 4. By then I’ll be on team Druid, but who knows what styles will be out for all the classes on launch.

If you want to start changing armor for your own character, make sure to check out our guide on how to alter your armor appearance in Diablo 4.

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