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How to Change Armor Appearance in Diablo 4

Fashion over power.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Transmog Diablo 4

If one thing is certain in this franchise or within any major RPG, it is that fashion is one of the best aspects of any character and it works best when transmog exists. The ability to use transmog and change armor appearance beyond hiding a helmet has returned in Diablo 4, and it is easier than ever to use.

In the previous game, changing your armor appearance was more of an end-game reward that players had to grind for before they could utilize it. You can get started on your fashion much earlier in Diablo 4 and we are here to help you figure out the new appearance system.

Diablo 4 – How to Change Armor Appearance with Transmog

You can get started on the transmog system as soon as you reach the first major town called Kyovashad. Some of the main story needs to be finished before you can enter, but it is only a few missions that take around an hour at most. Once you gain access to the town, fashion is fair game.

If you look at the map, you will notice a wardrobe symbol and an open chest symbol in the top left of the town. Later on in the game, you will find these in other towns as well. The chest is your stash, and the wardrobe is what you need to use to change your armor appearance in Diablo 4.

When you approach the wardrobe, you will see all the armor styles that you have unlocked for transmog by salvaging other armor pieces that you no longer needed. Everyone starts with one ensemble slot that will stick to their character, regardless of any new armor pieces that are placed on the character.

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The wardrobe can also be used to change your general appearance if you were not happy with it in the original character creator. Both the normal appearance and the armor appearance can be done free of charge, at least in the early game, so go crazy on the armor ensembles you put together for Diablo 4.

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