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Confirmed PS5 Games So Far

by Liana Ruppert

The PlayStation 5 is on its way for the holidays and while we are still waiting to see what the actual system itself looks like, we do at least have a nifty DualSense controller to look at and a list of confirmed PS5 games so far. So, without further adieu, let’s dive into what players can expect from Team Blue in the near future. 

Confirmed PS5 Games So Far

We have a few games that we know will be staples, including Godfall and a mysterious new Bluepoint game, but what else is slated for next-gen? We know that Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs: Legions have all been confirmed for the next generation by Ubisoft. While Legion and Quarantine will be new experiences, Rainbow Six Siege will simply be updated to carry over and work on current-gen consoles. 

Dying Light 2 is another confirmed game coming out on the next generation and with our previous hands-on time with the game? We couldn’t be more excited to see what else the crew has in store with the zombie game that literally lets players shape the entire world. 

A new Lord of the Rings adventure is also slated for next-gen thanks to Daedalic’s Gothic with The Lord of the Rights: Gollum with even more narrative goodness coming with the highly anticipated Godfall launch. 

Warframe, like Rainbow Six Siege, will also see updates to bring it into the new generation of gaming, though the studio behind the online game has yet to announce whether or not this will be a launch title or not. As for what else is confirmed, and what is even rumored, here is what PlayStation 5 future players will have to look forward to: 


Not-quite Confirmed

Dying Light 2

Battlefield 6


Cyberpunk 2077

Gods and Monsters

Death Stranding


Final Fantasy VII Remake


Ghost of Tsushima

Rainbow Six Quarantine

God of War 2

Rainbow Six Siege

Gran Turismo

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Grand Theft Auto 6


Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Watch Dogs: Legion 



The Elder Scrolls 6


The Last of Us: Part 2

As for the rumored list, most of these would seem like common sense, especially with Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Part 2. While we know The Last of Us Part 2 is coming, obviously, and the previous game updated for this generation with a definitive edition, it’s almost a given that these titles will see their way onto the PlayStation 5 platform. That being said, the companies responsible for these games haven’t outright said if and when they would make the leap and it’s important not to relay any information that hasn’t been 100% confirmed by the source, common sense or no. 

The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield are also confirmed for next-gen, we just don’t know the status of when they will arrive or even the current state of these games. Bethesda’s Todd Howard mentioned that the latest Elder Scrolls entry would be “years and years” away, even hinting that it might not even be ready for the first few years of the next generation’s launch. So until we get a status update on those two games from Bethesda, we’re keeping them in the maybe pile for right now just in case they decide to shelf either game to work on other projects.

It will be interesting to see what other surprise titles will be announced, especially with the PlayStation 5 reveal event rumored for next month. But at this time, the above-confirmed games are what we have thus far. Any predictions for what next month’s reveal will have in store? Hit us up with those thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also check out our PlayStation 5 hub here to learn more about what’s lined up for the road ahead. 

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