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Build, Discover, Survive: Mastering Minecraft

by Prima Games Staff

Our fully revised and expanded guide to Mastering Minecraft will hit the shelves next week. It has complete Minecraft coverage, from basic gameplay to advanced features, all in one comprehensive source. Here’s a peek inside our biggest Minecraft guide yet!

Minecraft preview page 1

Not only will you find full updates on new blocks, monsters, and recipes, it’s all enhanced by custom illustrations!

Minecraft preview page 2

We break down every game mode and all forms of building. Details on mining and farming, brewing and enchanting, traps and defenses, monsters, other threats, using redstone, and much more.

Minecraft preview page 3

Once you’re ready, learn wow to approach larger builds, featuring sample projects to get you started!

Beyond that, you’ll find coverage of game mods, texture packs, joining and creating servers, and interacting with others. The guide features “A History of Minecraft,” including revealing interviews with the game’s creators! And, if you’re in a hurry to get going, there are quick-reference charts for tools, resources, consummables, animals, and more.

You’ll also get a code to access the free, mobile-friendly eGuide, a digital version of the full strategy guide optimized for a second-screen experience. The eGuide includes more of these exclusive tutorial videos to help you out! Order yours now!

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