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Blind Gamer Reacts to Incredible The Last of Us Part II Accessibility Options In Heartwarming Video

by Liana Ruppert

The Last of Us Part II took accessibility to heights never before seen and one blind gamer’s video proves just how important that move truly is. Many developers keep accessibility in mind when it comes to game creation, but Naughty Dog dove even deeper than the norm to make sure everyone who wanted to play the sequel could. From control mapping to color coordination, the accessibility options seen in the second Last of Us are unparalleled and one heartwarming video shows just how much design changes like this matter. 

Steve Saylor is a content creator that is visually impaired and he shared a video of his live-reaction upon learning exactly what accessibility options here were. The video might make you cry like it did for us, but in the best way possible. Take a look for yourself: 

“You all don’t even know,” he said through happy tears. “Ya’ll don’t even know how much …” The sheer amount of emotion felt in this short video speaks volumes. It is so easy to get locked into how we as individuals experience games, and sometimes that narrowed vision makes it hard to imagine what gaming might be like for others. 

We’ve talked extensively about colorblindness in games, epilepsy, physical components that can make gaming difficult, but this hearfelt video shares what words can’t: that raw emotion, that love and surprise. Accessibility in games is so important and I hope that this creator’s video helps to show developers that it is so appreciated when they make that additional step. 

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Thank you, Steve, for sharing this honest reaction. We here at Prima are so thankful that you shared something so vulnerable, despite your reservations. We hope your experience within the sequel is everything you ever wanted in a game and so much more. 

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