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Beyond Blue: The Science Behind the Adventure

by Liana Ruppert

Beyond Blue is an upcoming underwater adventure that not only offers an intriguing story, but also gives players a chance to explore the deep blue sea without fear of danger so that they can lose themselves in a sense of wonder and exploration. What many may not know is that the studio behind Beyond Blue caught the attention of the BBC, thus giving it incredible support from scientists that have dedicated their lives to the field of study. We met with one of the scientists to dive right in. 


Speaking with Anna Baker in addition to studio’s insights editor Sam Saucedo, we dove into what makes Beyond Blue so special. We also provided captions for the above video to make enjoying the interview even easier. 

When asked about how a video game like this could help with conservation efforts and promoting interest in this field of study, Baker tells Prima Games “I think [it is] because we already see a lot of people getting interested by watching all of these nature documentaries about the ocean, and this is like that but you also get the immersive experience too.” 

She adds, “You get to explore around and actually figure out what fish you’re seeing, and scan them, get the names of them, and do your own exploring and if you want to see the reef, then you can. If you want to go dive deeper, you can. You get a more personal experience.” 

Beyond Blue also houses mini-documentaries within the game that players can take part in to learn more and some of them even help shape a much bigger story that players can experience for themselves. 

Another intriguing aspect about Beyond Blue is that it’s actually therapeutic too. When speaking with the above scientists, the feedback from people recovering from traumatic ocean experiences has been overwhelming with many stating that an experience like this actually helps them ease back into a healthy mindset when regarding open water. It also did wonders for my own anxiety while playing, giving me a chance to get totally lost in the moment and let the real world fade away for a bit. 

To learn more about Beyond Blue, you can check out the official website to learn more about this magical new adventure. 

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