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Best Honkai Star Rail Community Memes (May 2023)

Let's meme this up.

by Nikola L

Honkai: Star Rail gained quite some traction in its first month of existence, gathering up an already die-hard community. The HoYoverse title has millions of fans worldwide, and, as you’d expect, they’re already going wild with memes. Here is our selection of the best HSR memes in May 2023.

Funniest HSR Community Memes in May 2023

There’s a meme contest going on in the Honkai: Star Rail Reddit community until the end of May that caught our attention. If you’re feeling creative, you can participate or simply check out some of the entertaining creations being shared. Although the meme department is still gaining momentum, we’ve already come across many that are worth a look. With time, we anticipate that they will only get better.

Image by lulusim

Ain’t that cute?

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Image via Hoyolab forums

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Image by Cybort from HoYoLab forums

The “Uncanny Mr. Incredible” theme of the meme refuses to retire, apparently.

Image via HoYoLab Forums

Y’know, the usual survey meme. When a character ticks all the boxes, this is what you get.

Image via Know Your Meme

Trash (can, not literal trash) memes are brilliant in Honkai: Star Rail.

Image via Know Your Meme

Once again, an old meme template got adapted (or recycled, if you will) into a Honkai: Star Rail moment.

Image by Prydwen

Why are we here just to suffer from all the rerolls even though we know how hard it is? See what I did there…?

Image via Smerrey

Ah, there it is, the Drake meme.

Image by Smerrey

Charts, statistics, and math are inevitable like Thanos within the memes universe.

Image via Smerrey

And here we have the Squidward. Don’t you hate when there’s an item text that’s semi-deceptive like this and hides a very grim downside?

Image via imgflip
Image by u/nigelmoch

I feel there’s no need to comment on this 🙂

Image by u/aykssk

This meme accurately depicts the hype around Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Image by u/carlinqton

I do not know about you, but “No, you can’t X, haha Y go Z” will not cease to be funny for a long time as long as there are good ideas for this template.

Image by u/fn_numbers

Saitama from One Punch Man is a meme on its own. Good crossover meme!

Image by u/SomeRandomDeadGuy

…But not for me! Lovely self-defense technique and a lovely way to advertise a noble cause, and now it has an HSR adaptation.

That’s all we’ve got for this month’s memes. For more Honkai: Star Rail on Prima Games, click on the tag below.

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