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Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends

by Ginny Woo

We’re big on Dungeons and Dragons here at Prima Games, which means that while others might be looking for Razer peripherals in their Christmas stockings, we’re looking for some dice. God, we really can’t get enough of dice, especially not these cool ones inspired by Matthew Lillard. Anyway, if you know someone in your life who’s got a bit of a problem like we do, why not check out our suggestions for the best holiday gifts for D&D fiends.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – D&D Personalized Class Mug

Wanting to show off your Warlock pride? Maybe you’re a Fighter and you want to make sure that whoever so much as thinks about grabbing a drink of water in your home knows it? Well, these personalized mugs with your chosen class and a D20 emblazoned on them will do the trick. You can pick them up on Etsy.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Forest Polyhedral Dice Set

So, we know we just talked about how we have a problem with dice, but maybe we can squeeze just one more set in before quitting. We’re talking about these forest-themed dice which have beautiful leaves and plants emblazoned on them, and you can get a full set on Etsy here.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Castle Ravenloft Board Game

If you’re wanting to venture into Castle Ravenloft but you’re not quite up to a full campaign, why not try on this bite-sized boardgame for size? It even won a Golden Geek award in its time, and honestly, we’ve given it a whirl and it’s pretty friendly even to those new to D&D so what better way to introduce your loved ones to crypt-crawling and character pages? You can get it on Amazon.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Ebros Medieval Renaissance Dungeon Dragon Head Scepter

Yeah, we’re going to take the Dragons part of D&D pretty literally here, because who doesn’t love having a bit of geeky swag kicking around their home? In this case, it’s an LED torch that’s shaped like a dragon. Yes, you heard right. Looking for an ambient way to light a room for your campaigns while your group skulks around in a dungeon? You can get this one off Amazon, and it’s portable too if you’re so inclined.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Critical Wick Candles

If you’re after something a little more unusual but also a little kitschy, why not check out these D&D themed candles? From manufacturer Critical Wick, they come in all sorts of scents and are arranged by Class, for one. We’re not quite sure what Monks smell like, but those brave enough to find out should nab this candle for sure from Etsy.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Acquisitions Incorporated

Want to add a little bit of a spin to your current 5e campaigns? Want to drag you and your party up the corporate ladder with a perilous mix of entrepreneurship and chaotic nonsense? Nothing could be more entertaining than adding some flavor from the official Wizards of the Coast Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book. You can get it from Amazon here.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Ability Score Modifier Shot Glasses

Maybe you’ve had a hard day’s adventuring, and your party wants to find a way to unwind. Well, we’ve got that all sorted out, and what better way to relax than to have some pints with the lads? Okay, these are shots, but hey. Who’s really counting? You can get these ability score modifier shot glasses from Etsy and use them in your next one-shot after dark.

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – A Dragon Walks Into a Bar: An RPG Joke Book

So, reckon your DM needs a couple more jokes in their repertoire? Maybe you’ve had your fill of dad jokes, or maybe you haven’t had nearly enough. Reckon the NPC court jester needs a new set of laughs? Package up this RPG joke book and see how they do with the new material. You can get it off Amazon. 

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Velvet Dice Tray with Leather Backing

Now you’ve got twenty pairs of dice but nowhere nice to roll them. We’ll solve that problem pretty easily for you. If you pick up this Velvet Dice Tray from Metallic Dice Games, you’ll be guaranteed to be rolling in style, even if you’re criminally unlucky and only get natural ones. They come in a variety of colors ranging from royal purple to black, so you can customize your look the way you want! Get them from the Metallic Dice website here

Best Holiday Gifts for D&D Fiends – Critical Role Sticker Sheets

Everyone’s heard of Critical Role, basically. Well, all and sundry, if you pardon the pun (sorry, that was terrible). Even if you haven’t, well, who doesn’t love cute stickers? We’re talking about this set from Black Ash Creations, an artist who’s worked with Critical Role on art and also on an adorable Kiri plush from their latest campaign! You can get them from Ash’s personal store here.

Now that you’ve got our list of 10 of the best holiday gifts for D&D fiends, putting through some orders quick smart should be your top priority. Honestly, we’d scoop all of them up for ourselves if we could. Want to check out more Dungeons and Dragons coverage that we’ve been working on? Here’s a little taste: