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Battlefield Hardline – 5 Exciting New Features Missing from Battlefield 4

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield Hardline is still in its beta phase, and numerous players already had a taste of what Visceral Games has in store for them this October. While the game modes are limited to just a few and the map to just one, some of the gadgets and features leave a lasting impression. After logging several hours ourselves, as well as scouring YouTube for as much information as we can handle, here are a few things worth getting excited for with the next installment of the franchise.

Grappling Hooks and Zip Lines

Based on the amount of rooftop camping in Battlefield 4, many fans were puzzled why these nifty little gadgets didn’t make it into the game. With their inclusion in Hardline, however, this is all water under the bridge.

Players now have an alternative option to take that dreaded elevator ride to an almost certain death. See a camper on the roof? No problem, just deploy your Grappling Hook and climb up behind him. Oh, and if you really want to punish this player, why not beat him to death with a baseball bat instead of going with the generic knife attack?

On the other side of the coin, maybe you are the rooftop sniper who just happened to hear a Grappling Hook deployed near your comfy camp site. No worries, bust out the Zipline and take a leisurely ride to the ground. Hey, while you’re down there, maybe you’ll want to join the fight and help your team a bit. Just a thought.

Tasers… ‘Nuff Said

Remember in Grand Theft Auto 5 when someone would steal an old lady’s purse and take off? We used to be the responsible citizen and bring them down with a non-lethal approach. We know, we were in the minority. Still, electrocuting people is just fun (in video games), and Battlefield Hardline offers the ability to do that. Not only can you give them a quick jolt, you can then handcuff and interrogate them in order to reveal the location of their teammates on the mini-map. That’s right, not only does the enemy have to lick their wounded egos, they also have to live with the fact that several teammates just died as a result of their poor situational awareness.

I Need Ammo…

How many times have you chased a Support class soldier around in Battlefield 4, constantly screaming at them that you need ammunition? You couldn’t count the number of times. Well, taking a page out of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter book, Visceral Games now lets you take ammunition and health from those carrying the goods. Don’t worry, they can still throw ammunition and health down like before, but now, if they are completely incompetent (and let’s face it, they most likely are), you can just do their job for them and help yourself. Well done, Visceral Games… well done.

Graffiti is an Art

Without question, this feature is a fiasco waiting to happen. Just like in Battlefield 4, players can design their own emblems. Unlike Battlefield 4, however, they can spray paint them on the ground or sides of walls. Did you manage to sneak up behind a rooftop sniper with your Grappling Hook? Well, it isn’t enough just to hit them with the Taser, handcuff and interrogate them, you must first spray paint your emblem on the ground, then shove their face in it just to let them know how much time you had to goof around while they were busy not doing anything to help their team. Don’t believe us, take a look at Frankie’s latest video to see this in action for yourself.

Nobody Dies Today

For those who could relate to our rant about the ammunition and health business above, this one will also hit close to home. How many time have you revived a teammate in Battlefield, only to die yourself, then watch that very same teammate hop off into the depths of Operation Locker while you bleed out on the floor? Again, too many times to count. We share your frustration, as do the fine folks at Visceral Games. Now you can take a Survivalist pen, allowing you to jab yourself in the leg if you happen to fall in the line of duty. It doesn’t work for things like getting blown up for falling off buildings (let’s face it, you can’t fix that kind of dead), but it should help you out with regular gunshot wounds to the heart.

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