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8 Social Deduction Games Like Among Us You Can Play with Friends


As thrilling and enjoyable as Among Us is, playing it for weeks on end can get boring even for the most passionate crewmates. That’s why we’ve developed this list of superb detective games like Among Us, so you can still enjoy the fun of a good mystery with friends without feeling burned out by playing the same game over and over.

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The 8 Best Social Deception Games to Play With Friends

Deceit and Deceit 2

Steam (Deceit) | Steam (Deceit 2) | Xbox (Deceit 2) | PlayStation (Deceit 2)

Deceit and Deceit 2 are two exciting takes on the genre that’ll leave you frightened and bewildered. In this multiplayer social deduction game, you play the role of either the innocent survivor or the infected killer. As the survivor, you must escape three zones to win—or try to figure out who the killer is among you. As the killer, you must use resources around you to gain powers, strike the survivors when the lights go off in between each zone, and successfully eliminate every innocent player to win the match. Deceit and Deceit 2 offer a more intense and thrilling experience than any of the other games on this list, so if you enjoy horror titles or suspenseful moments, these are superb choices for you and your friends.

Deceive Inc.

Steam | Epic Games Store | Xbox | PlayStation

Deceive Inc. blends the action-packed gunfights of a multiplayer first-shooter with the deceptive work of a social deduction game and adds espionage to the mix. It’s sort of like Hitman, Among Us, and Deceit, all in one well-made multiplayer game. You play as a spy tasked with a mission to either steal information or valuable goods from a highly protected facility. The only catch though, is that you’re not the only one after the goods. You must fight off other players and deceive enemies by disguising yourself as regular staff members or civilians and slowly march toward the task objective to win. Deceive Inc. is perfect for anyone who loves shooters and mysteries.

Project Winter

Steam | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Project Winter is one of the lesser-known social deduction games, but it’s incredibly fun with friends. It’s similar to Among Us and the gameplay rules are basically the same, but the main difference is that both the survivors and killers are regular humans. As the survivor, your goal is to get out alive by any means necessary, and the killer’s objective is to stop your escape from happening. If you want to shake things up, Project Winter is a great choice for a more realistic social deduction title.

Secret Neighbor

Steam | Apple App Store | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo

Secret Neighbor comes from the Hello Neighbor series and it’s another social deduction game you can play with friends. In Secret Neighbor, survivors play as children trying to rescue their friend from the neighbor’s creepy basement. On the other hand, the killer—the titular neighbor—must try to eliminate the kids before they can reach their friends. It’s a suspenseful take on the genre that will surely satisfy.

Goose Goose Duck

Steam | Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Goose Goose Duck is Among Us’ goofy brother and it’s one of the greatest social deduction games in the market. Instead of an alien disguised as a crewmate, Goose Goose Duck’s killer is a duck masquerading as a goose. The game functions basically the same as Among Us but features way more maps, roles, and customization for players to enjoy. Oh, and it has a built-in proximity voice chat, so you and your friends can communicate and yell accusations at each other in the match. If you’re getting tired of Among Us or generally want something more complex but not too difficult to understand, Goose Goose Duck is a must-try.

Town of Salem

Steam | Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Town of Salem is one of the few original social deduction titles that was released a decade ago. It’s inspired by party games like Mafia and Werewolf and remains one of the genre’s most widely-loved games about murder, mystery, and deception. It’s a classic title that you need to try at least once if you enjoy social deduction games.

Google Play Store | Apple App Store is one of the more accessible, yet unpolished games on mobile. It’s not as great as Goose Goose Duck, but it offers basically the same thing with the only twist being its visuals. The title has a variety of cosmetics to equip and there are a bunch of maps to play on. It’s a great choice for anyone who just wants to try something fresh.

Oh Deer

Steam (Early Access)

Oh Deer is a hilarious hide-and-seek game where you play as either the deer trying to survive the hunter, or the actual hunter trying to kill the deer. In this game, the deer must blend in with nature and avoid getting caught, while the hunter must use their detective skills and tools to track and eliminate the enemy player disguised as the deer. It’s a straightforward game that offers a different experience that still feels somewhat familiar to social deduction games like Deceit. The title is currently available in early access for a small price, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for a game to pass the time with friends.

And that’s our list of eight superb detective games like Among Us you can play with friends. If you’re looking for a more laidback experience, feel free to read our feature on eight simple yet fun mobile games you can play anywhere and at any time.

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