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8 Simple and Fun Mobile Games to Play in 2024

Game time!

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to sit down and play a video game for hours on end, but that shouldn’t limit us from indulging ourselves in some quality gaming. Here are eight simple yet fun games to play on your phone wherever and whenever you want.

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Best 8 Simple Mobile Games to Play in 2024

Cats & Soup

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Cats & Soup is exactly like how it sounds. It’s a casual mobile game about cats making soup! In this game, you oversee a group of cats making soup, and each cat is assigned to a cooking station. Some cats have to chop vegetables for the soup, while others might even just stir the soup itself. Your goal is to slowly raise an army of stew-loving felines, sell soup to customers, and upgrade or add stations with the money you obtain from selling food. It’s an adorable yet simple casual collector game that will please anyone who enjoys cats… or soup.

Square Valley

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Square Valley is a unique world-building puzzle game where you get to assemble environments and solve puzzling scenarios. You must place tiles such as houses, trees, and animals over turns to gain points and complete objectives. Each chapter has its own series of obstacles you need to overcome, but the puzzles are never incredibly challenging. Square Valley offers a peaceful adventure into the genre and the visuals are delightful.


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Speaking of puzzling scenarios, Enyo takes you on a challenging journey through a labyrinth full of monsters where you must fight a myriad of creatures using tactics and skill to obtain three artifacts. In this title, you play the Greek goddess of war and must use various tactics to beat anyone or anything in your path. Enyo challenges you to think creatively about your approach—kind of like a game of chess, but bloodier. If you enjoy tactical roguelikes or similar titles like Undergrave, then Enyo will be worth the time.

Vampire Survivors

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There are a lot of games that have redefined genres, but not many of them have made genres popular. Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest and most widely-known roguelite shoot-’em-ups out there and it originally gained popularity in early 2022 for its chaotic gameplay, old-fashioned visuals, and insane replayability. In this game, you must pick up upgrades and strengthen skills to beat hordes of monsters and repeat the process for as long as you can until you die. It’s all about destroying stuff and seeing how far you can make it. If Vampire Survivors’ visual style doesn’t particularly interest you, then other similar titles like Brotato and 20 Minutes Till Dawn could be great alternative choices.

Monument Valley 2

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This mind-bending adventure game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle. The Monument Valley series has always been praised for its challenging puzzles and soothing environments, and all titles are worth playing. This one in particular is one of the more recent debuts in the last decade and contains a lot of stages for you to play. You must guide your character through puzzles by manipulating architecture and finding new pathways to follow. Each puzzle is different, so the experience always stays fresh and exciting.

My Dear Farm

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My Dear Farm offers a casual experience to farm vegetables and fruit while interacting with cute characters in an adorable environment. Made by Hyperbeard—who also developed Kuma Sushi Bar and Pocket Love, which are both charming games you should try—My Dear Farm takes you on an adventure as a character who just started their journey as a farmer who grows crops to sell to local customers. It’s an enchanting casual game where you can design and decorate your farm and slowly build up your perfect farm.


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If you enjoy designing stuff in games, Townscaper is the perfect title to play. It’s a simple but satisfying game about building towns and you play the architect responsible for designing roads, buildings, town halls, cathedrals, and many more structures. It’s one of those cozy building games where you can just design villages and build whatever you want and relax while doing it. It’s a fulfilling game that’s great for when you just want to take a breather or two.

Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers has been around for a long, long time. Despite that, it’s still a great experience. In this game, all you need to do is avoid obstacles while you run endlessly and gain points or power-ups to obtain a greater high score. There’s no concrete goal besides earning new achievements, leveling up boosters, or buying cool surfboards, but Subway Surfers’ simple gameplay and randomized environments make it a refreshing time. Even after an entire decade, it’s still a classic hit.

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