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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Out On Playing Wuthering Waves

It's a must-try.

Even with Wuthering Waves’ technical issues at launch, it’s just too good of a game to miss out on, especially for anyone who’s played Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or any other similar title. Here are five reasons why you need to try Wuthering Waves.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Wuthering Waves

Every video game has a rough launch. It’s just how things go. Take Cyberpunk 2077 as the worst possible outcome as an example. But eventually, with time, feedback, and development, problems get fixed and things return to normal—or at least what normal was supposed to feel like. This upsetting launch shouldn’t dissuade you from giving Wuthering Waves a try. We’ve played both the beta and the current launched version and seen the game grow into what it is now, so we understand what makes Wuthering Waves truly special.

1) Explore an Entirely New World Full of Danger

Have you ever got lost in your own curiosity while playing open-world games? If you enjoyed that sense of not knowing and wanting to know, then we’ve got great news for you. Wuthering Waves allows you to explore an incredibly diverse and vast world to your heart’s content.

Within this seemingly unending adventure of discoveries, you can traverse mountains for fun, gather herbs and flowers to level equipment, fight enemies in caves for quests, and search for treasure. This gigantic world is full of danger and mysteries for you to discover and you’ll hardly run out of ways to fuel your sense of adventure. There truly is nothing like the thrill of a good exploration in an open-world title.

2) Fight Monsters in Style with Cool Characters

Speaking of fighting enemies in caves for quests, Wuthering Waves’ combat system is complex and diverse in its play styles, characters, and team builds. You can collect characters by playing the game, and then use them in battle. Each character carries its own unique set of skills, perks, and play styles to make combat exhilarating and dynamic. And you can configure certain characters with various types of equipment and build your own dream team of monster-slaying warriors. Add in dozens upon dozens of unique monsters and bosses, all with different fighting patterns, attributes, stats, and designs, and fighting in Wuthering Waves couldn’t be more thrilling. If you enjoy tactical, swift battles or the complexity of designing the perfect team for boss fights, Wuthering Waves’ combat system will surely satisfy.

3) Embark on an Exciting Adventure into the Unknown

As much as Wuthering Waves is about exploring and slaying monsters, storytelling takes up half of the journey and it’s one of the game’s greatest features. Without spoiling too much about the story, Wuthering Waves places you in the role of an incredibly strong character, trying to remember their past, and you must slowly find your way to the truth.

This narrative takes you on a ride of despair, horror, joy, and shock as you uncover secrets about the world you landed in and who you are. At each corner, you’ll meet memorable characters with loveable personalities and each person you interact with will feel like a unique encounter—no experience is the same. That’s the charm of Wuthering Waves. It’s an exciting adventure into the unknown, and if great storytelling and wonderful character development fit your preference, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy stepping into this sci-fi tale.

4) Witness Breathtaking Visuals and Beautiful Environments

There’s something calming and almost enchanting about playing a game and just being stopped by beautiful scenery you would’ve never imagined seeing. Wuthering Waves is filled with beauty across its environments, characters, and structures. This world takes on a somewhat anime-like visual style with great detailing, vibrant colors, and superb lighting and shading. Not a lot of games can pull off such elegance and mystery within its world like Wuthering Waves can and that’s what makes its beauty appealing. It’s like you want to just jump into the world and explore all of its beauty for yourself. It’s one of the most enticing elements of Wuthering Waves. You should see it for yourself!

5) Experience a Fresh Open-World Action Role-Playing Game

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. Raise your hand if Wuthering Waves piqued your interest because it reminded you of Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, Honkai: Star Rail, or all of the above. Chances are, that’s probably why you even clicked on this superbly-written article to begin with. Well, you’re not in the wrong and you shouldn’t question your desires. A majority of players are intrigued by Wuthering Waves because it closely resembles so many games people have grown to love and that’s totally fine.

Everyone needs a break from their favorite games, or ones they used to like. Genshin Impact is such a massive title as are all the other games we mentioned. Sometimes starting fresh and experiencing something new yet familiar is all we really need every now and then. While Wuthering Waves might not introduce anything revolutionary, it’s definitely a game that feels well-made and enjoyable. It’s an exhilarating, somewhat polished, enchanting experience in a genre a lot of us enjoy already, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why you should try Wuthering Waves.

If you found any of these features interesting or maybe you came from Tower of Fantasy or Honkai: Star Rail and wanted to play something different, then Wuthering Waves is a title you can’t miss out on. We suggest waiting until most of the major launch day technical issues are addressed before playing, of course. You wouldn’t want to start your adventure on a bad step, right? Enjoy Wuthering Waves!

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